After Free Electricity Promise, Siddaramaiah Govt Hikes Power Tariffs In Karnataka | English News

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No free electricity under the Siddaramaiah government! After promising free electricity to Kannadigas, electricity prices in …

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Back with a breaking update coming in from Karnataka after free electricity up to 200 units was promised by the Congress government in Karnataka now an update coming in that citizens will have to pay 2.89 rupees per unit extra in June if they fall in the 200 plus units

Bracket while paying their bills so after the free electricity promise this is the update that we’re getting so if you use extra units uh after 200 units that has been given by the government then you’ll have to pay extra for that the government in fact has issued guidelines to avail free electricity

Under the gurujoti scheme and as per that if you use more than 200 units of electricity you will have to pay extra let’s go across the Deepak joining us with more details after uh promising free electricity there’s a condition which has now come to four if you use

More than 200 units you will have to pay extra oh well it’s a technical anomaly of course right now and the people of course who use more than 200 units so we’ll have to uh you know pay up two point uh 16 rupees extra per unit

Because of course up to 200 units so the government has a short that they would be given free electricity uh more importantly uh right now of course now couple of additions that have been made here were supposed to be made in the month of April uh they of course

Couldn’t be made because of various issues of implementation at that point in time are right now in June from June of course uh this prize arise is something that comes into the picture uh but of course for the people who consume more than 200 units of electricity who

Do not fall into this packet of getting free electricity that has been announced by the government uh definitely will have to cough up a little more and uh through this of course the earnings for all the power corporations as well is expected to increase slightly make up for some probability losses because of

This free electricity scheme that has been promised to the government right so this is also likely to get in some criticism because the BJP has already been or the government is going to ensure the promises are fulfilled so now that extra uh payments will have to be made for 200

Plus units this is going to have a bearing on several people across Karnataka well uh yes especially for people of course uh you know live in homes where there is you know electric appliances and uh you know other you know uh or rather items that will consume more

Electricity leading to uh you know the consumption of electricity Crossing 200 for them of course the price rise will definitely be a burden and you’re looking at over two rupees that has uh that will overall uh you know be increased uh so a while of course for

People who are in an average of a year that is what the chief profession of course said aware of you know the calculation would be made based on whether uh they would be using up for 200 units or not an additional 10 as well a leverage would be given so for

These people of course it would not make a difference but for anybody who crosses the 200 units of electricity uh they of course will have to bear the product all right the books stay on with us we also have Deepak joining us from the new Zone Deepak the government has assumed that

All the households use less than 200 units of electricity and that’s why the free electricity promise was made now we’re given to understand uh after the guidelines have been issued there is a condition if you use more than 200 units you’ll have to pay extra what are the

Kind of reactions are we getting now after that announcement the BJP has called this entire scheme or this benefit that siddha government is offering to the people as a big dhoka because here we have shahzad punawala taking to Twitter and saying that Karnataka Congress remember scheme promise of 200 units free

Electricity Congress had promised to the people of Karnataka forget free electricity Congress has allowed the raising of power tariffs one power bills for bestcom consumers to be up by 2.89 rupees per unit across categories tariffs up by 70 paise per unit and the third one is that conditions have been

Put out on free electricity scheme example the monthly average consumption of customers which is monthly average of 2022 and 23 will be used to calculate how many units of free electricity a house will receive under the scheme and the customers will be eligible for only 10 percent more units of their monthly

Usage average what a fraud in Himachal Pradesh 2 Congress promised free electricity of 300 units himself joining us on the phone line Shares are the congress party promised uh 200 units of free electricity but it looks like the bills are going to increase for those who use 200 plus units of electricity

Instead of giving the 200 units to every consumer free they have increased it by 2.89 rupees for the best com consumers for across categories it has been increased by 70 pesos now that means even the poorest of the poor will have to pay and the 200 units has been given

A catch so they will post calculate your monthly usage and only 10 will be given free to that it will not be a 200 units free for all consumers and even in the Himachal they had promised 300 units free instead of that they have increased the rate in Himachal Pradesh you can see

The times of India report we’ll imagine they promised 1500 Rupees to per woman they are not given that in Rajasthan they promise they have not given that Congress is a broad party I hope and at least I comment times now for asking the right questions of everybody but when

The other media channels ask Rahul Gandhi this time when they ask the valuable spokesperson the congress party you come and do all kinds of press are you saying that these promises and the freebies were made only to woo the voters and ultimate goal ultimate aim was to in fact also ensure that they

Benefit and that some profit is made out of it okay asked about this he dismissingly said don’t ask me about it this is the true face of the Congress I challenge the Congress to come and answer this question on up okay all right thank you for joining

Us with those details uh we’re awaiting a response to come in from the congress party on this latest update for the moment let’s shift our Focus now uh inputs coming in if I see

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