5Live | Countdown Begins For Grand Consecration Of Ram Temple In Ayodhya

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The countdown has officially started for the grand consecration, also known as the Prana Pratishtha, of the stunning Divya Bhavya …

What is the in this Video

The countdown for the grand consecration or the pr pratista at the diva bavya Ram Temple at aoda at the Jan bomi has begun and this promises to be a symphony of the Divine devotion and culture let me tell you a little more about this Temple which is spread across 70 acres of land

Of course 70% of that land is green but the temple architect nagar style architecture traditional Indian architecture the temple would be three storyed High the at its highest point about 161 ft in its height let’s get you a deep dive into what the temple architecture looks like 392 pillars in

All in this Temple triple stored on the ground floor will be Ram laa on the first floor when it’s constructed would be the Shri Darbar we bring you more in this Report a testament to devotion and Architectural Marvel ancient Sentinels Stand Tall symbolizing strength wisdom devotion and divine protection The Lion The Elephant Hanuman G and the guda sculpted from Pink Sandstone sourced from rajasthan’s bansy paharpur Village The ram temple in aodha Echoes the traditional nugger [Applause] style a masterpiece in every Dimension like a poetic verse edged in Stone spanning 380 ft east to west 250 ft wide and reaches for the heavens at 161 ft Tall a three storyed Symphony of 392 pillars and 44 doors a cosmic narrative The mander’s five Mups resonate the Divine Arts n rang Sabha Prana and Kian each pillar embellished with the stories of Dees gods and goddesses narrating a Timeless [Applause] Saga step by step the Journey Begins at the East climbing 32 stairs through the sing DW a metaphorical Ascent to Divine Realms Crafted entirely with pars traditional technology the Mand Embraces natural materials in its construction a living Symphony where devotion architecture and nature Harmonize Bureau report India Today deities have waited for over 500 years to pray to Lord Ram at his Temple at the place where they believe for Generations he was born finally the consecration is taking place so what will the Temple look like you have a fair idea now this Temple will have 44

Doors the doors to the Garb GRE or the sanctum sanctorum of the temple will be goldplated there’s also a huge gold Throne where Ram laala will be vajan there are two Idols of Lord Ram that will be there at the Garb gr we bring you more in this Report the air is thick with a scent of Wood logs undergoing Metamorphosis each Timber carries a tail of Faith waiting to be carved into the destiny of the Grand Ram temple in aoda maestros of Woodcraft in Hyderabad the 100-year-old Anuradha Timbers set to deliver 118 gateways to the Divine sarad Babu the the Maestro conductor speaks with dedication and commitment for Sri

Janabi Aja bavya Mand we are being asked to select the highest quality of word and uh the finest carving which can be done by hand is used in this Temple these doors are uh handmade completely with the finest carving by our team of Carvers from uh Tamil Nadu The Majestic Temple awaits the

Embrace of Anuradha Timber’s Creations the doors will be ushered into their sacred positions by the new year the timelines are very tight in this project that was the biggest problem we had or biggest challenge we have so we were able to complete this now for Prana pratia all the doors are

Ready for inauguration and uh total 18 doors which will be completely goldplated uh are right now gold leafing is going on we will put it permanently into the temple from 31st December onwards Bearing the essence of Heritage 18 of these doors are Goldplated magic woven into Wood Reverend carved in every Green for the sacred aboard of Lord dram Uh so this is you know anurada timers here in Hyderabad which is preparing the doors of main a mandap and also the doors all around the temple with camera person Dam Abdul Bashir Hyderabad a large number of deities who are visiting the Shri Ram Jan bomi are

Also visiting the kesala at the kesala work has been on since 1990s for the construction of the diva bhavam Temple and at the karala near the temple there is also a temple Bell a giant Temple Bell that weighs more than 600 kgs and has been presented or donated by deities from

Rameswaram so a temple bell all the way from tamilnad is already in aoda there are others that are coming in from Karnataka and other parts of the country I was in aodha and I bring you this Report a 620 kilo Titan resonating with the triumphant notes of Jri the secred freeze edged in metal carrying the weight of Devotion the Chimes preparing to find their Eternal home in the heart of the ram temple in aoda occupying the Bri of place of the karala temple is this massive Temple Bell it weighs around 600 kg 620 by some accounts it has jri Raam written on it and it’s come from

Rameswar this Temple bill will be installed at the SRI janhi Temple when work at the complex is completed a majestic Testament from tamad transcending time connecting the past present and future Bureau report India today marada purushotam Sri Ram was a sui and if you go to aodha right now on

The DH paath even the street lights look like the Rising Sun not one not two but the entire row and it looks spellbinding there’s also the Sur now the importance of the Sun God on RAM Naomi the day marada purushotam SRI Ram was born when the Sun rises the temple is being

Constructed in such a way that Sunrise will reflect on child Lord Ram’s lat that is how this Temple is being constructed let me get you more in this Report the Regal columns and a reflective pool a spiritual resonance a Timeless reverance a Celestial Symphony dedicated to sua deas according to ancient religious texts Lord Ram is a suryavansi a descendant of the sun god the suryun mirrors the celestial reverance for bhagwan Surya near the sacred grounds of the ram temple in

Aodha the suun has its mythological importance and we are here inside that that particular premisis which has that mythological impact it is being said that Lord suryanarayan wanted to take blessings from the Bal R of Lord Lord SRI RAM and for which for around a month his rat stayed at this particular place

And due to which aodha did not see night for around a month in the tra y as mentioned in the chopai of ramcharit Manas a Serene Sentinel of devotion steeped in faith for The Sun never sets in aoda sua thums stand as Sentinels along the dhap paath in the historic city as Lord Rama was a sui King you can clearly see a total of 25 suria stumb pillar the suria pillars are being erected around the rods of aoda and this

Is the evening time and you can clearly see how beautifully these are glowing the pillar is 6 ft high and 5 ft in diameter and a 10 mm circular glass light has been installed at top each player the pillars have integrate cravings and reflect similar designs as

Installed in the ram Mand each pillar is 5 ft in diameter toed with a circular glass light intricate carvings mirror the design of the ram Temple sua’s thumbs installed at 25 locations in aoda with Sam sriwastav in aoda Bureau report India today even the invitation card for the

Pran pratita has been very carefully made the way that invitation card is being presented to those who are being invited and there is a long queue of those who are waiting for that invitation card the seating capacity there is limited and yet this is such a civilizational moment that people from

Across the length and breadth of this country want to be there to witness civilizational history in bhat we bring you more on the invitation card and who all are getting it The call to with this history has arrived prepare to be part of a sacred ceremony that unfolds after nearly 5 centuries immerse yourself in the Elegance of classic Hindi golden letters elegantly etched on a cherry background adorned with a gilded Border the prestigious invitation for the inauguration Bears the names of key Dignitaries prime minister n rendra Modi RSS Chief moan bhagwat uttar Pradesh Governor anandi Ben Patel chief minister Yogi Adian and Shri Ram janabi Tetra ahead mahun Nya gopal Das SLE symbolizing unwavering resolve this booklet within the invitation pays homage to the Relentless struggles of countless Souls who played

A part in liberating the Ram janabi from 1528 to 1984 a convergence of History faith and dedication the January 22nd consecration marks a significant Moment In Time Bureau report India today the Gita press is renowned as the world’s oldest and the largest publisher of Hindu religious texts and scriptures the Gita press is more than 100 years

Old and they’ve published the SRI Ram charit Manas the shrimat bhagwad Gita and several other religious books and they’re available for deities and researchers very very inexpensive now the Gita press is an integral part of the Shri janabi celebrations the consecration in fact the Gita press has

Printed 10,000 copies of the aodha dasan and will be a part of the Prasad for deities we bring you more in this Report it’s a proud moment for Gita press the largest publisher of the world of Hindu religious Texs 101-year-old Gita press celebrates the inauguration of ram Mand by by printing 10,000 copies of aodha dasan a comprehensive book on aodha it includes history temples pilgrimage sides and cultural significance of

Aoda all these books would be part of Prasad for prominent dignitaries attending the consecration ceremony on 22nd January Gita press was also part of the research and inspiration for the construction of the temple the new Ram Temple walls depict murals from the ramayan Epic for the most authentic reference of

These murals Gita press provided paintings from its collection inventory of Leela chitra Mander [Applause] the recipient of Gandhi Peace Prize Gita press is also working to open a stall at the temple complex Bureau report India today

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