Where does this phone stand in terms of design, display and performance?

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Last year, Honor re-entered India and the company launched its first phone, in the promotion of which it was shown breaking a walnut. Now the company has launched its second model Honor X9b and this time during the promotion they put XUV on the phone and the phone was saved. It is being claimed that it is one of the strongest phones in its budget. However, we also investigated these claims when this phone came to us for review. In this article, we have thoroughly tested the strength and performance of the phone so that it can be clear to the users whether this phone is worth buying or not!

In this article:


First of all, if we talk about design, there is no doubt that the phone is beautiful. Although I would also say that we have seen such a design before. Realme 11 series and 12 series phones are similar to a great extent. In the rear panel, you will get to see the camera in ring dial style like a Rolex watch. There are three cameras available on three sides of the ring, while the flash is provided at the bottom.

The most special thing was that the camera ring was in golden color and it was raised above the body. In such a situation, we used it without putting a cover, but the golden color did not get spoiled. It is possible that the color may come out later, but it was perfect after 20 days of use.

This phone is available in two colors, saffron and black. We got both the models, in which the saffron colored phone uses vegan leather, while the metal black colored phone is available in glass finish. Both models look good, but the vegan leather model is more likely to get dirty, while the glass finish model looks clean. Both have good grips and there is less slipping from the hands. The frame in both is metal and due to the curved design, it also gives a premium feel.

If we look at the ports, on the right side you find the power and volume buttons, while at the bottom, there is the SIM slot, USB Type-C port and loudspeaker grill. The weight of the phone is 185 grams, which is quite good for today's heavy smartphones. Overall, the design impresses a lot.

The phone did not break even after loading the car

The most important thing that can be said is that the company had shown during its promotion that a car was driven over it and the phone did not break. We also checked this truth and first of all we crossed it by placing our feet, but this phone did not break. After this we mounted Maruti Suzuki Baleno model car on it, but this phone remained safe. After this we mounted Mahindra XUV 500 on it, still the phone survived. In such a situation, we can say that it is actually quite strong.

However, let me tell you here that the phone was not kept on a hard floor. A mat was spread under the phone so that the pebbles lying on the ground do not damage the phone, because here our aim was only to test the weight bearing capacity of the phone and here this phone has completely proved its worth.


Honor X9B has been introduced by the company with a 6.78 inch screen and the company has used a curved AMOLED panel in it. The phone has a punch hole display which is not even visible when the screen is off. This phone supports 120Hz screen refresh rate with 1.5k pixel resolution. The good thing is that it is capable of handling 120Hz refresh rate with almost all apps.

Additionally, it supports 1200 nits peak brightness with 1920Hz PWM dimming. Although in this price range today phones with up to 2600 nits peak brightness are available, but this too will not be called low. The bezels on the phone are very low and you will be able to use about 70 percent of the screen with one hand. Although the company has not mentioned screen protection, the screen is quite tough. During use, there was a cover on the screen, so there will be no talk of scratches, but several times we dropped it from some height, but the phone was safe. Although we would never advise you to drop your phone and check it, this phone passed the test during our testing.

As far as the viewing experience is concerned, it is quite good, while the curved display makes its look and feel more spectacular. During our testing, we tested it in all types of light conditions, like bright sunlight, very low light etc. Got good views everywhere. We have no complaints regarding the display.

hardware Software

Coming to the hardware after the design display, I can say that a little compromise has been made here. This phone has been introduced by the company with Qualcomm Snapdragon 6 Gen 1 processor which is made on 4 nanometer fabrication. It is an octa core processor that supports a maximum clock speed of 2.2 GHz which works on Cortex A78 architecture. Along with this, it has Adreno 710 GPU for graphics. Despite this, this processor will be slightly underestimated according to its price range. This range includes Oneplus Nord CE3 5G, which is based on Snapdragon 782 CPU. Some phones are also available with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 7 Gen 2 processor.

However, it is not that you will face any problem in daily use, rather it performs well, but this processor is a bit old and if it was on a new processor, it would have been better.

As far as performance is concerned, we tested it on more than 10 benchmarks and everywhere the score remained average. This phone was able to score up to 494241 on AnTuTu benchmark. On Geekbench, it could score up to 2764 on multicore and 948 on single core. In the CPU throttling test this phone was throttling up to 80% which would be a bit excessive. If the score was around 85 percent it would have been considered better.

We ran the PC Mark performance test on it, where the phone managed to score up to 12214. In the PC Park Wildlife Stress Test, this phone was able to score up to 2394. We also ran the GFX Bench graphics test on it, where the phone scored up to 2859 on Manhattan, while the same app went up to 3366 on Tyrex.

This phone has support for 8 GB virtual RAM memory along with 8 GB RAM memory. Here the company has used UFS 3.1. For memory, we conducted CPDT test, where the random write speed was 37.47 MB ​​per second and the random read speed was 32.24 MB per second. Whereas for memory copy it was successful in achieving speed up to 5.75 GB per second. Overall, the score was okay.


The company has introduced Honor X9B with triple rear camera setup. its main camera
It is of 108MP which comes with F/1.75 aperture. Although by default this phone clicks photos at 12 MP, for 108 MP you will have to change the mode. The results of the camera in the phone can be called satisfactory. Although it would not be called the best and at many places the saturation seemed a bit high as if extra light was being added to the photos, but still the detailing was good. Yes! I must say that it does not stop the noise at night.

Its second sensor is a 5MP ultra-wide camera, which supports F/2.2 aperture. The third sensor is a 2MP macro camera which supports F/2.4 aperture. However, we did not get as good results from the wide angle as we got from the main camera. Due to low resolution, some detailing was less. The result of the macro camera was also not very good.

It has a 16 MP front camera for selfie. This camera gives good results in daylight conditions, but makes the skin a little sharp. This type of problem is often seen in today's phones. To make a social media ready photo, we soften the selfie a bit.


This dual SIM based phone supports 5G and you will get support of almost all the bands available in India. Along with this, there is also support for WiFi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz along with Bluetooth 5.1.


For power backup, this phone has a 5,800 mAh battery, which supports 33 Watt charging. The most special thing that we found is that despite such a big battery, the weight of the phone is quite low and it has been kept below 190 grams. As far as battery backup is concerned, in our PC Mark battery test this phone lasted for 13 hours 34 minutes which is very less for such a big battery. At least 20 hours were expected.


The company has launched Honor X9B in the Indian market with 8 GB RAM and 256 GB memory. The design of the phone is quite good and for its strength, we even ran a car on it and it did not break. The UI of the phone is good and the display is excellent. Battery backup was also good. Yes, there was some lack in performance whether it was heavy usage or camera. The company needs to pay a little more attention there. In the end I would say that if you want to buy a phone which will last you for a long time then this is good but if you are looking for a phone with best performance then this is not for you.


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