WhatsApp call is coming from number +92, so be careful! alarm bells are ringing

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+92 code phone number pakistani fraud whatsapp message call+92 code phone number pakistani fraud whatsapp message call

The speed with which internet usage has increased in India cannot be compared with any other country in the world. In the last 2-3 years, the internet run by Indians has increased manifold. The Government of India is also promoting Digital India. Thanks to the Internet, today instant messaging apps like WhatsApp are being used by almost everyone. WhatsApp is present in the phones of all the family members. Not only messages but video and voice calling facility is also available on WhatsApp. But these calls on WhatsApp can also be an alarm bell for you. Especially when this WhatsApp call is coming from an unknown number with +92 code.

In this article:

+92 is the country code of which country?

Regarding WhatsApp, it has come to light that for some time now people have been getting calls on this app from the number with code +92. First of all, let us tell you that +92 is Pakistan Country Code. That means all calls coming from the number with this code are coming from Pakistan only. Calls coming from such numbers on WhatsApp are continuously increasing. Let us tell you that we also received a similar WhatsApp voice call whose number was +92 3127513766. This call coming from Pakistan can also be the knock of some big danger, in such a situation we have to keep some very important things in mind.

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What to do when you get a call from the number +92?

do not receive the phone

If you are also getting a call from a number with +92 code and that number is unknown to you, then first of all you have to ignore that call. Do not receive calls coming from such numbers at all. If you want, let the entire ring ring or cut it. But don't receive at all.

Do not call back or message

Some curious people want to talk to an unknown number after seeing a call on their phone. But if this number is of +92 code then do not repeat this habit of yours. By sending a message to the number from which the call has come, send 'Who are you?' Don't ask. It is possible that there may be an attractive profile picture or DP on the content of that number. But don't message or call back.


block number

After you don't receive the call, you may receive a call or message from the same number with the code +92. It would be better if you block that number on WhatsApp. By blocking that number will not be able to contact you again.

report number

Along with the block, the report feature has also been released by WhatsApp. Please report the Pakistani number with +92 code on WhatsApp. By reporting, WhatsApp will know that some unauthorized activity has been done from that number, and WhatsApp will start investigating that number.


Mail to Whatsapp

If you are able to understand the seriousness of such a voice call coming from a Pakistani number, then being a conscious Indian, it is necessary to tell this entire incident by emailing Whatsapp. Go to the WhatsApp website and give complete details of such an accident that happened to you to the company. Your alertness will definitely reduce the danger looming on other people to some extent.
iPhone User: iPhone_web@support.whatsapp.com
Android User: android_web@support.whatsapp.com

Avoid these international numbers also

It is known that Pakistan country code is +92, but apart from this, many other international numbers also keep calling Indians from time to time and making them victims of scams. Based on the cases and reports that have come to light in the past, details of which country code numbers we should be cautious about are given below. It is noteworthy that Zone 9 i.e. codes starting with number 9 are mostly from South Asian countries. There are many countries whose numbers start with +99 prefix.

  • +992 – Tajikistan
  • +993 – Turkmenistan
  • +994 – Azerbaijan
  • +995 – Georgia
  • +995 34 – South Ossetia
  • +995 44 – Abkhazia
  • +996 – Kyrgyzstan
  • +998 – Uzbekistan


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