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If you work and are associated with the Employees' Provident Fund Organization (EPFO), then you will definitely need your Universal Account Number (UAN) at some point. UAN Number With its help, you can access PF account services like balance check, withdrawal and other services without any hassle. But, if you have forgotten or do not know this 12 digit Universal Account Number, then we will provide it further. (How to find UAN) We are going to tell you how to find out.

In this article:

How to know UAN number through SMS

step 1- on your registered mobile sms please type EPFOHO UAN ENG,
Step 2- this message EPFO mobile number of 7738299899 But send Do it.

Step 3- After this, in a few seconds, a pass will be sent to your mobile. SMS will come, in which, your UAN Number, PF Balance Apart from this, other information will also be available.

Note: EPFOHO UAN HIN for Hindi language, EPFOHO UAN PUN for Punjabi, EPFOHO UAN GUJ for Gujarati i.e. you have to write the first three letters of your language after EPFOHO UAN.

Find out your UAN number by making a missed call

step 1- Our Registered mobile number From Missed call on 9966044425 Do it.
Step 2- two bells After leaving, your phone call automatically disconnected Will go.

Step 3- After this a message will be sent to your mobile number SMS will come, in which your UAN number will be.

Note: It is noteworthy that through missed call and SMS, you will receive only the last 4 digits of the UAN number and not 12 digits. Apart from this, to get the facility of missed call in PF account, it is necessary that your mobile number and Aadhaar card number should be linked in your PF account.

Check UAN Number in Salary Slip

Most of the big companies pay their employees every month. salary slip Provides. This Salary Slip i you PF account number in top right side with UAN number Will also be found written.

UAN number can be taken from company HR department

Where you are working HR department also my own UAN Number Can ask. HR department or finance department Near PF and Pension all related Records and details Are there.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How is UAN generated?

UAN is issued to an employee by his first employer who has a total of 20 or more people working for him.

Can you activate UAN offline?

No, UAN registration and activation service is available online only on EPFO ​​portal. UAN activation facility is available on Umang app for Android phone and iPhone users.

How to reset UAN password?

If you forget your UAN portal password, here's how to reset it:

  • first of all your laptop or mobile on the phone UAN Portal Open.
  • on login section 'forgot password' Select.
  • Given captcha on the next screen with UAN number enter and 'submit' Press.
  • now yours Name, sex and date of birth enter and 'Verify' Click on option
  • After verification, your aadhaar number And captcha type text and 'Verify' But Click Do it.
  • finally my register mobile number enter and 'Get OTP' Select.
  • on your mobile number SMS by a otp will be sent. enter it and 'Verify' Select.
  • After this go ahead and new password twice Type. once done 'submit' tap on
  • After this process your password update Will be done. This time Be sure to note down the new password,

Do I have to activate UAN after changing jobs?

UAN has to be activated only once. There is no need to activate it again when changing jobs.

Can I have two UANs?

No, an employee can have only one UAN which remains unchanged during their employment. In case where you have been given two UANs, you need to report the issue to your current company or You will have to send an e-mail.

Can I change my personal information related to UAN?

Yes, the UAN portal provides you the facility to change your personal information related to UAN.

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