This person had to charge iPhone 15 Pro with a fake charger, his fingers got burnt along with the phone

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If you are an iPhone user and charge your phone from a local charger, then this news may scare you. a recent one NoisilyMarvelous on Reddit The user named has shared information about how connecting his new iPhone 15 Pro Max to a fake charger has created a big problem. Actually, the user made a post saying that after plugging his iPhone into a non-Apple charger for charging overnight, the charging cable became very hot.

melted charger

The cable became so hot that the charger melted and as soon as the user touched the charger, his fingers also got burnt. The user said that I knew that the iPhone 15 Pro Max gets hot, but after using it for a month, my phone got so hot while charging overnight that it literally burnt my hand.

Charging cable got so hot it MELTED the plastic, broke into my phone and burned my finger. What can I do?
byu/NoisilyMarvelous iniPhone

The user reported that when he took out the charger, the meteor plastic cover had completely melted. At the same time, burn marks were left on the body and the metal part of the USB-C port was stuck to the phone.

Apple has already warned against charging its products with chargers other than the company's charger. Therefore, in view of this incident, we will also tell you that you should follow Apple's advice on the use of accessories. It's not just about protecting your expensive device, but also about keeping yourself safe.

Note: Do not charge your iPhone with a fake charger even by mistake, otherwise a big accident can happen at any time.

This is usually why phones explode

  • The most common cause of a phone exploding is usually a faulty battery.
  • Old phone batteries swell and could potentially explode if you connect it to a power point to charge.
  • Other causes could be a faulty battery or phone charger causing a short circuit.
  • These are common possible causes that could cause an explosion but an investigation will better reveal what actually happened.

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