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The biggest contribution to running a smartphone is made by the chipset (SoC) found in it. That means the performance and life of the device depends on it. Even in the year 2022-2023, MediaTek, Qualcomm, Google and Apple SoCs have taken place in the latest mobiles. Because of which it has become the winner in the Indian Gadgets Awards 2023. These were kept in mainstream and premium categories. You can see the detail list further.

In this article:

Best Mobile SoC of 2023 – Mainstream (Winner)

MediaTek Dimensity 8200 SoC has won the mainstream list.

Mediatek Dimensity 8200

The Mediatek Dimensity 8200 chipset scores 955675 AnTuTu benchmark points and is powered by 4X Arm Cortex-A78 octa-core speed with a maximum clock speed of up to 3.1GHz.

Further you can see the list of nominations and their merits.

Mediatek Dimensity 1080

Mediatek Dimensity 1080 in the mainstream list of SOC (System-on-a-Chip) of Indian Gadget Awards 2023 Has also been quite powerful. It is a 7nm smartphone system-on-chip designed by MediaTek, powered by a high-performance Cortex-A78.

Mediatek Dimensity 8050

The Mediatek Dimensity 8050 is an ARM-based system-on-a-chip. It is manufactured at TSMC using the 6nm process. It offers dual-SIM 5G (5G SA and NSA, maximum 4.7 Gbps download and 2.5 Gbps upload) speeds.

MediaTek Dimensity 8020

MediaTek Dimensity 8020 SOC is equipped with high speed up to 2.6 GHz. It has a quad-core performance Arm Cortex-A78 and a powerful nine-core GPU. With this, gaming and many other tasks are done easily.

Mediatek Dimensity 7050

Indian Gadget Awards 2023 Mediatek Dimensity 7050 processor octa-core works at a clock speed of 2.6GHz speed. It has two Arm Cortex-A78 processors. Along with this, Arm Mali-G68 GPU is also installed.

MediaTek Dimensity 7020

The MediaTek Dimensity 7020 with HyperEngine 5.0 Lite is great for gaming smartphones. 5G also provides good speed including running the apps present in the mobile properly.

Mediatek Dimensity 7200

It uses the Mediatek Dimensity 7200 4nm process, has 2x Arm Cortex-A715 performance cores clocked at up to 2.8 GHz and 6x Arm Cortex-A510 cores clocked at 2.0 GHz, while retaining the Mali-G610 graphics engine.

Mediatek Dimensity 7030

The Mediatek Dimensity 7030 uses the Mali-G610 MP3, which can deliver a 144Hz refresh rate at a 2,520 x 1,080 pixel resolution. It is powered by two ARM Cortex A78 cores clocked at up to 2.5 GHz and six low-power ARM Cortex A55 cores clocked at up to 2 GHz.

Mediatek Dimensity 6100+

The special thing about Mediatek Dimensity 6100+ SoC is that it has features like support up to 108 MP camera, video recording up to 2K resolution, power saving with 5G. This chip offers many AI-powered features.

MediaTek Dimensity 6080

This mid-range SOC has also been brilliant in the list of Indian Gadget Awards 2023. It offers the experience of premium cameras, excellent 5G and high display quality. This chip works on 6nm process, which also increases the battery life of 5G smartphones.

Mediatek Dimensity 6020

The Mediatek Dimensity 6020 is a mid-range chipset with an integrated 5G modem. It has two fast ARM Cortex-A76 cores clocked at up to 2.2 GHz and six powerful Cortex-A55 cores clocked at up to 2 GHz.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 4 Gen2

The new Snapdragon 4 Gen 2 SoC includes two performance cores clocked at 2.2GHz and six other cores clocked at 2GHz. It is said to perform 10 percent faster than Snapdragon 4 Gen 1.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen2

Qualcomm Snapdragon 7 Gen2 is a great chipset in this award list. It is equipped with a clock speed of up to 2.91 GHz. It features an ARM Cortex-X2 performance core based on four affordable Cortex-A510 efficiency cores clocked at 1.8 GHz, along with three Cortex-A710 cores clocked at 2.49 GHz.

Samsung Exynos 1330

Exynos 1330 octa-core CPU. This is also widely used in mid-range, its installation in mobile gives fast speed and long battery life. This octa-core arm works on Cortex-A78 dual-core and Cortex-A55 hexa-core.

Samsung Exynos 1380

Exynos 1380 was also included on the chipset category of the Indian Gadget Awards 2023. It operates on Cortex®-A78x4 2.4GHz and Cortex®-A55x4 2.0GHz. This provides a state-of-the-art camera experience. Which includes high dynamic range and electronic image stabilization.

Best Mobile SoC of 2023 – Premium

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2 SoC has been made the winner in the premium list.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen2

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 SoC features a Cortex-X3 Prime core, clocked at 3.2GHz. It comes with two Cortex-A715 and two Cortex-A710 performance cores clocked at 2.8GHz. This chipset has been installed in many premium phones in 2023. Due to which it has become a winner.

Further you can see the list of nominations and their merits.

Apple A17 Pro

The new A17 Pro SoC has been used in iPhone 15 Pro mobiles. It includes a six-core CPU i.e. two performance cores and four efficiency cores. There are 19 billion transistors in it. It also has a six-core GPU with shader architecture and ray tracing. It is based on 16-core neural engine.

MediaTek Dimensity 9200+

The MediaTek Dimensity 9200+ chip in the Indian Gadget Awards nomination list is equipped with Ultimate Arm Immortalis-G715 GPU. It is powered by 11 cores with hardware ray tracing for speed. Due to which gaming and other operations are done easily.

Google Tensor G3

The Tensor G3 SoC, made by the world's largest tech company, runs on nine CPU cores arranged in a row. It has four smaller Cortex-A510s, four Cortex-A715 and one larger Cortex-X3. This is said to be the brand's most powerful mobile chip till date.

MediaTek Dimensity 9200

MediaTek Dimensity 9200 SoC is built using the world's high TSMC second-generation 4nm technology. New age technology has been installed to boost its performance and save power. This has been widely used in premium range mobile chips at the Indian Gadget Awards 2023. Due to which it got nomination.

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