SC’s big statement, deactivated mobile number will be transferred to someone else, do not make this mistake

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The Supreme Court has given permission to telecom companies Jio, Airtel and Vodafone Idea to transfer mobile numbers in India. That is, if you do not recharge your number to keep it active for a long time, then the telecom companies will get the freedom to give your number to any other person. In such a situation, most WhatsApp users may have to face problems. Let us know how and why and what WhatsApp users should do to avoid this.

In this article:

what was the matter

Let us tell you that Advocate Rajeshwari had filed a petition demanding that the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India i.e. TRAI should not give the deactivated mobile number to others, but the Supreme Court has rejected her demand. The court said that telecom companies can give the closed mobile number to someone else.

In such a situation, this order of the Supreme Court may increase the troubles of most WhatsApp users. Actually, today many mobile customers use different mobile numbers for WhatsApp and calling. Therefore the risk of WhatsApp data being misused increases.

SC’s warning to WhatsApp users

In its order, SC warned WhatsApp users that if they do not want their mobile number and data to be misused, then the users themselves will have to take responsibility for it. At the same time, users themselves should delete their data in time.

The Supreme Court believes that users should pay attention to their privacy to prevent misuse of their data. For this they will have to pay attention themselves.

Deactivated number gets transferred after 90 days

According to the rules of the Department of Telecommunications, if the mobile number is deactivated due to non-recharge of the mobile, then it is not given to any other user for at least 90 days. But, the court said that telecom companies should not immediately transfer the mobile number to another person.


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