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In the smartphone industry, most of the talk is about brands like Apple and Samsung. But meanwhile, there are some companies whose phones the users wait for. They launch less phones but whatever device they launch gets talked about a lot. One such brand is POCO. The company's X and M series are quite popular. The X series includes phones from the mid-budget segment. Whereas M series is known for budget phones. Last year, the company had introduced X5 Pro in the mid-budget, which was considered to be the best phone in its price segment. Now the company has started 2024 with Poco X6 Pro and there is a lot of noise about it too. This phone has come to us for review. We wrote its review after using it for about 15 days and the results we got are in front of you.

In this article:


Poco X6 Pro came to us in gray color, whose body is in glass finish. Whereas in the rear panel you get to see the camera bracket in Poco trade mark style. There are four circles on the big black strip on which there is a flash with three cameras. Poco logo will be visible nearby. On this black strip, the company has informed that the phone has a 64 MP OIS camera.

The phone has been presented in a box design and the frame is of metal. There is no doubt that it looks and feels great. The best thing we found is that despite having a shiny body, you will find very few fingerprints on it. For its safety, the company has also provided protective cases along with the box contents.

If we look at the ports of the phone, you get USB Type-C port, SIM ejector tool and loudspeaker grill at the bottom. The power button and volume rocker are provided on the side. At the top, you also have an infrared port and a loudspeaker along with a noise cancellation mic. Yes! The company has introduced this phone with two loudspeakers and the good thing can be said that they have Dolby integration.

The design of the phone will impress you and will also give a good feeling in the palm when held. However, there are some shortcomings that need to be mentioned. As if the camera is high above the body. After the camera bracket, there is a camera ring which reaches quite high. At the same time, you can also say that the company has been capitalizing on the same design for the last few years. It is not bringing anything new.



After the design, the display of the phone will also impress you. The company has introduced Poco X6 Pro with a 6.67-inch screen whose screen resolution is 1.5K (2712 × 1220). This phone supports 446 PPI which will be considered quite good. The best thing that can be said is that the company has used AMOLED panel. In such a situation, you get a completely crisp display.

Talking about the display, the company has not tried to leave any stone unturned. This phone also comes with 120Hz refresh rate, 480Hz touch sampling rate and 1800nits brightness. Along with all this, you also get the protection of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 on the screen.

There is a punch hole in the center of the screen at the top, where the selfie camera of the phone is present. You will also find the side bezels quite thin. In such a situation, despite the big screen, the phone does not appear very big. I will not say that you will be able to use the entire screen with just one hand. You have to use both hands to use the entire screen.

Yes, the display is quite good and can be said to be one of the best in its budget. We also used the phone in bright light, but did not feel any problem.

hardware and software

The company has introduced POCO X6 Pro smartphone on MediaTek Dimension 8300 Ultra chipset built on 4 nanometer fabrication. The phone has an octa core processor, which supports a maximum clock speed of up to 3.35 GHz. For better graphics, this phone has Mali-G615 GPU. As far as memory is concerned, the company has introduced it with 8 GB RAM with 128 GB storage and 12 GB RAM with 512 GB storage. The company has used UFS 4.0 for storage with LPDDR5X RAM, which can be said to be a very good thing. Because you get UFS 4.0 in very few phones in this price range.

As far as performance is concerned, we can say that the phone is no less than anyone. We ran AnTuTu benchmarks on it and the phone managed to score up to 13,31,887. On Geekbench, the phone was able to score up to 1,471 in single core, while in multicore the phone was able to score up to 4,576. If you look at these processor scars, you will say that it is better. During testing, we also ran CPU throttle on it where the phone was able to perform up to 81 percent at peak output. While this score is good, we were expecting better as IQ devices at this price point score above 85 percent.

Along with good scores, this phone also proved to be better in performance. During its use, we played gaming for more than 30 minutes and did not see any lag anywhere. There was no problem of heat also. In such a situation, it can be said that the company has managed everything very well. Along with this, a battery drop of about 5 percent was seen during half an hour of gaming. If you are a gamer, it would be nice to know that this phone was supporting all max settings for gaming.

Talking about software after hardware, it works on Android's latest and advanced operating system Android 14 and you will get to see HyperOS 14 in it. Earlier the company used to use MIUI, but this time a new skin has been introduced. Although there won't be much change in it, there are a few tweaks that you may notice. Like screen customization where you can add your picture with depth of field.

Additionally, you will get to see AI based changes where you can remove the background from your photos or copy the picture to the clipboard. You will also see some changes in the control panel. With all this, the biggest complaint that users had about bloatware with MIUI has been removed to some extent. That means now you can remove some preloaded apps.


After seeing the design, display, hardware and software, comes the turn of the camera. Here you can expect slightly better results. The phone has a triple rear camera. The main camera is 64 megapixels. Along with this, 8 megapixel ultra wide angle lens and 2 megapixel macro sensor is provided. If we look at the camera, it can be said that this time the company has compromised a bit with the pixel resolution. The primary camera in Poco X5 Pro launched last year was 108 MP, but this time it is only 64 MP. The good thing can be said that the company has used OIS and EIS i.e. Optical Image Stabilization and Electronic Image Stabilization with the main camera.

As far as image quality is concerned, we can say that it is good. But I wouldn't call it the best, because I was trying to brighten the picture a bit for social media. At the same time, a little yellowness which we call warm tone was also seen. However, we have seen this type of tone in Poco and Iku phones before, so we cannot say anything too bad. Yes, the detailing was quite good and the photo looked good even when viewed zoomed in daylight conditions. Even at night, it was doing a little better than the old phone, but the noise was still there. For videos, the phone has 4K support where you can shoot at 30 frames per second.

Regarding the camera quality, we will say that if you want to use it for daily use to shoot photos and videos, then it is fine. If you want a professional grade camera, then this isn't it. For selfie, this phone has 16 megapixel front camera support, which is equipped with AI technology. The quality of this camera is also fine.


For power backup, this Poco X6 Pro has a 5,000 mAh battery, which comes with 67W fast charging. As far as full charging of the phone is concerned, it goes from 0 to 100 percent in 40-45 minutes. The battery backup of the phone is good and once charged it comfortably lasts for one and a half days. Even if you do gaming, it will easily last you an entire day.


After seeing everything, it comes to the conclusion whether this phone is worth buying or not? In such a situation, I would say that if you are in the price bracket of Rs 30,000, this is a good phone. Especially if you do gaming on the phone, then it will be considered very good for you. The design is good and the camera will also impress you, but we will not call it the best in these two segments. As far as display quality is concerned, it will impress you and the brightness and contrast are also good. The starting price of POCO X6 Pro in the Indian market is Rs 26,999 and you can buy it. As far as options are concerned, you can look at OnePlus Nord CE3 5G and Realme 12 Pro.


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