PM JANMAN Yojana 2024: Know who will get how much money

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi PM Janman Yojana (PM JANMAN Yojana 2024) The first installment of Rs 540 crore has been released for this. One lakh people will benefit from this. Let us tell you that Prime Minister Tribal Tribal Justice Maha Abhiyan Scheme It has been started to provide housing, clean drinking water, education, health and other basic facilities to the vulnerable tribal groups of the country. Let us tell you that under the Government PM-Janman Yojana 4.90 lakh It is going to provide permanent houses to the people. in which one House cost around Rs 2.39 lakh Will be Rs. to the beneficiaries Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Gramin (pm awas yojana gramin) Subsidy benefit will be provided under. PM Janman Yojana (PM JANMAN Yojana in Hindi) Its budget is around Rs 24,000 crore. Know how to register for this.

What is PM-JANMAN scheme?

PM JANMAN Yojana 2024

PM JANMAN Yojana It was started on the occasion of Tribal Pride Day in November 2023. This scheme was introduced in the budget speech of Budget 2023-24. According to the 2011 census, the Scheduled Tribe (ST) population in India is 10.45 crore, with 75 communities in 18 states and the Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands identified as Particularly Vulnerable Tribal Groups (PVTGs). These PVTGs lag behind in social, economic and educational sectors.

How to Register for PMAYG

If you want to register for PM Janman Yojana, then you can register by visiting PMAYG portal. For this the steps given below have to be followed:

step 1: First of all PMAYG Portal Go to the login page.

PM JANMAN Yojana 2024
Step-2: Then enter the required details in the personal details page section (like gender, mobile number, Aadhaar number etc.)
Step-3: Required to use Aadhaar number consent form Upload.
Step-4: Beneficiary name, PMAY ID and priority Click on the search button to search.
Step-5: after this Select to Register Click on.
Step-6: Beneficiary details will be automatically generated and displayed. After this beneficiary details like Ownership, Relation, Aadhaar Number etc. have to be entered.
Step-7: Required to use Aadhaar number on behalf of the beneficiary consent form Upload.
Step-8: After this in the next section beneficiary account Enter details, like bank account number etc.
Step-9: If the beneficiary wants to take a loan, then “YesSelect “ and enter the required loan amount. Then in the separate section the beneficiary will have to enter the MNREGA job card number and Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) number. After this the next part will be filled by the concerned office. For manual registration process click here can do.

for registration AwaasApp You can also take help from. The app can also be downloaded from Google Play Store or App Store. After this to follow this step Link Click on.

How to check PMAYG Application Status?

To know the status of your PMAYG application, you have to follow the steps given below:

step 1: first official PMAYG Go to website.
Step-2: After this on the webpage Awaassoft under tab F.T.O. Click on Tracking.

PM JANMAN Yojana 2024

Finally, enter the Fund Transfer Order (FTO) number or Public Finance Management System (PFMS) ID to check your PMAYG application status.

Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Gramin (PMAYG) Subsidy Scheme

  1. Under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Gramin (pm awas yojana gramin), beneficiaries can get a loan of up to Rs 70,000 from financial institutions. This amount is used to build permanent housing.
  2. Interest rates will be less than 3 percent compared to normal, non-subsidized loans.
  3. The maximum principal amount for which subsidy can be sought is Rs 2 lakh.
  4. Additional benefits like LPG connection and other essential facilities are also available under the Ujjwala scheme.
  5. Building houses in hilly areas will increase financial assistance.

Benefits of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana Gramin (PMAYG)

  1. The cost of constructing houses will be shared in the ratio of 60:40 between the Central and State Governments in the plain areas, i.e. assistance of Rs 1.20 lakh for each unit.
  2. In the Himalayan States, North Eastern States and Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, the ratio is 90:10 and assistance up to Rs 1.30 lakh is available for each unit.
  3. Union Territories including Ladakh get 100 percent assistance from the Centre.
  4. Beneficiaries are provided Rs 90.95 per day for unskilled labor from MNREGA.
  5. Beneficiaries are identified using Socio-Economic and Caste Census (SECC) parameters and verified by Gram Sabhas.
  6. Assistance up to Rs 12,000 will be provided for toilet construction under Swachh Bharat Mission-Gramin (SBM-G) with the support of MNREGA or other schemes.
  7. Payments are made electronically directly into bank accounts or post office accounts, which are linked to Aadhaar.

For whom is PM Janman Yojana?

The following categories of people are eligible to receive benefits for PM Janman Yojana.

  1. All landless or homeless families.
  2. All those families who have one or two room kutcha houses. Also, the walls and roof of the house should not be made of concrete.
  3. Any household in which there is no literate male member above 25 years of age.
  4. Any family that does not have any member in the age group of 15 to 59 years.
  5. Any family which has a disabled member is also eligible to get benefits under the Pradhan Mantri Awas Gramin Yojana.
  6. Those who do not have any permanent job and are engaged only in casual labour.
  7. Along with minority groups, people from Scheduled Tribes and Castes are also included in this scheme.

Documents required for PM Janman Yojana

To avail the benefits of this housing scheme, the following documents will be required:

  1. aadhaar number
  2. Consent document to use Aadhaar
  3. MNREGA-Registered Beneficiary Job Card Number
  4. Swachh Bharat Mission (SBM) number of the beneficiary
  5. bank account details

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How can I avail interest subsidy under this scheme?

Subsidy under PMAY-G scheme is taken from National Housing Bank. This will be deposited in the bank account linked to your beneficiary account.

Is there any limit on the period for which this scheme is available?

Yes. The benefit of this scheme can be availed for a maximum period of 20 years.

Do I have to consult my local Gram Sabha to get approval for this scheme?

It depends on whether there is a Gram Sabha in your city/village or not. If this happens, you will need to consult him.

Can I get a loan through PMAYG scheme if I live in a remote area?

Yes, any rural beneficiary who is currently eligible under PMAYG scheme can apply for the loan.

Can existing home loan borrowers apply for loan under PMAYG scheme?

No, existing loan borrowers are not currently eligible for the benefits of the PMAYG scheme. Moreover, the subsidy or loan of the scheme is available only to new borrowers.

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