Now SPAM calls and SMS will be reduced, TRAI brings new system

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trai give deadline to jio airtel vi bsnl to block unwanted calls sms

You and I must have often been troubled by spam calls and messages on the phone. But, now TRAI has taken an important step to solve this problem. Actually, TRAI has told the principal entities that they will take consent from them before sending any commercial message to the users. This instruction has been given under TCCCP Regulation 2018. After this order, it is expected that spam calls and messages will be controlled to a great extent.

An instruction has been issued by the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India i.e. TRAI, in which telecom companies have been instructed to create Digital Consent Acquisition i.e. DCA system. It is a single window solution to be created under the Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations 2018.

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What is DCA system?

Let us tell you that with the implementation of DCA, the consumer will have the right to refuse receiving promotional calls and messages. This means that now no company will be able to receive promotional messages and calls without the user’s permission.

To send promotional messages and calls, first you have to notify DCA. After this, promotion messages will be sent as per the consumer’s permission.

Companies will also benefit from DCA system

Telecom companies like Jio, Airtel and Vodafone Idea will also get the benefit of DCA system, through which they will be able to track what kind of promotional messages are being sent to the consumers. Also, are there any violations of rules?

Earlier, telecom companies were not able to track whether the consumer’s permission was taken for sending promotional messages or not. Through this platform, the consumer will be able to tell whether he wants messages and calls for banking, insurance, trading on mobile or not. With this, spam calls and messages can be stopped to a great extent.

TRAI’s AI filter

Earlier, a telecommunication rule was issued, in which a new AI filter was introduced by TRAI. This filter will identify spam calls and categorize them whether they are normal calls or promotional calls. Promotional calls will include marketing calls related to banking, financing, loan and credit cards etc. and these will be prevented from reaching users without any reason.

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