No one will be able to see your personal chats, WhatsApp is bringing a new feature to hide

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Meta-owned WhatsApp recently added a new security feature called Chat Lock for better privacy. At the same time, now the company is testing a new feature called “Secret Code” for locked chats for beta users. This allows users to hide how to open a locked chat, making it even more secure. And with Chat Lock, users can lock their chats on WhatsApp with their device password or biometrics like fingerprint.

To open these secure chats, users simply need to pull down the app’s home screen and enter the password or use biometrics to unlock. However, the Secret Code feature adds an extra level of security to this functionality.

whatsapp secret code feature

In Android version of WhatsApp, a new feature called Secret Code has been introduced for some beta users.
Android-2-23-24-20-whats-new/” class=”external” rel=”nofollow”>WABetaInfo shared a screenshot of the feature that allows users to lock their chats with a code.

  • To access locked chats, users need to enter the code in the search bar of the chat tab. After this, these chats will not be visible if you drag the home screen down.
  • This provides extra security especially for those who share their phones with someone for tasks like taking photos or making videos.
  • With a secret code, others can’t view locked chats by dragging them down from the home screen; To open them one has to enter the correct code in the search bar.

How to use WhatsApp secret code feature

  • Open the list of locked chats.
  • Click on the three-dot menu at the top.
  • Under the Chat Lock Settings tab, turn on the ‘Hide locked chats’ option.
  • Create a secret code.
  • It is recommended to choose a code that is easy to remember as resetting it will erase all locked chats.


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