Model numbers of 17 Nokia Mobile and HMD Smartphones revealed which can be launched in 2024

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Nokia brand mobile phone manufacturing company HMD Global will now launch its own smartphones, its official announcement has been made. After this news came out, there was a buzz in the market that Will Nokia phones not be available now? A latest information has come out answering this question in which 17 models of Nokia mobiles have been received which can be launched in this year i.e. 2024.

In this article:

Nokia phones will not shut down

First of all, let us explain to our readers that Finnish tech company HMD Global has the license to manufacture Nokia brand mobile phones. This company manufactures and sells Nokia phones. but after two years The license between HMD and Nokia expires in 2026 And after a certain date, HMD company will not be able to use the name of Nokia. In this situation, before losing its ownership rights over Nokia brand, HMD Global company wants to create its own distinct identity in the smartphone market. And perhaps that is why it is launching mobile phones with its own name and brand.

It will be something like Redmi and POCO! The same mobile is brought in two different countries under different brands and names. recent example Redmi Note 13R Pro available in China will come to India as POCO X6 Neo, However, at present, by the year 2026, we will see smartphones of both Nokia and HMD brands in the market. With both the brands, the company will target different user bases and budgets. i.e Nokia Mobile Phones will not turn off now.

These are the models of Nokia phones to be launched this year

A tech website named GSMChina has searched the IMEI database and extracted a list of 17 NOKIA smartphone models which will be launched in the tech market in the coming months. However, some of these models can also be brought under the HMD brand. You can read the names of all these mobile models below.

  • TA-1603
  • TA-1607
  • TA-1609
  • TA-1610
  • TA-1611
  • TA-1612
  • TA-1613
  • TA-1614
  • TA-1615
  • TA-1616
  • TA-1617
  • TA-1618
  • TA-1619
  • TA-1621
  • TA-1622
  • TA-1625
  • TA-1628

When will the first HMD Phone be launched?

HMD Global has told that it is going to participate in the Mobile World Congress 2024 to be held this month. The company will launch a big event on February 25 at MWC 2024 and from the platform of this event, the first smartphone of HMD brand will be introduced in the tech market. There is full hope that HMD Smartphone will be launched in India within a few days of the global announcement.


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