iPhone 12 was lying in the lake for 3 months, when the person took it out and saw it, he was shocked

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When it comes to the strongest phone, the name of iPhone may not figure in it, but this time an iPhone model has done such a thing that everyone's senses have been blown away. Actually, the iPhone 12 was able to survive inside a lake not for a few hours but for 30 days. Let us tell you that regarding iPhone 12, the company claims that it can survive in water up to 6 meters deep for 30 minutes. Let us know what is the whole matter…

Phone 12 survived underwater for three months

  • The incident occurred in Northern California, where an iPhone 12 was found inside the Stanislaus River on November 10. apple insider According to a report, it was discovered by this man named Lee who was diving in the river in search of salmon.
  • The iPhone 12 was covered in algae and it was found sitting among some rocks. Lee cleaned it and left it to dry for a few days.
  • Lee also managed to turn on the device on November 16 after connecting it to a charger. After this the iPhone 12 continued to work normally and surprisingly there was no passcode.
  • Since it had no passcode, Lee was able to unlock it and found some recent photos and contacts. The last video captured on the iPhone 12 was from September 4 and was of the same river.
  • This suggests that the iPhone 12 may have been submerged in water for three months. The report says Lee has not been able to find the owner, but plans to reach out to people from the contact list and return the device.
  • It is quite interesting that the iPhone 12 managed to stay and survive underwater for three months. It still works fine despite being in a condition where someone might have left it.

But this is not the first time we are hearing about iPhones surviving underwater. In 2016 the iPhone 4 was found after lying at the bottom of a lake for a year. Despite being in water for so many days, the device managed to function properly. It is also said that the iPhone 11 Pro survived for 30 days inside a freezing lake.

Note: Although these are rare cases and we do not recommend anyone to submerge their iPhone underwater.


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