India took a leap with 99.03Mbps download speed, achieved 18th position in the world.

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No one can deny how much positive change has taken place in the Internet world in the last few years. Whereas earlier one had to spend the day with only a few MB of data, now even 2GB of data per day is less. Movies and games have started being played online. India has improved its internet status globally and 18th in the list of countries providing fastest internet Has arrived. Ookla report giving similar details has come out, details of which you can read further.

In this article:

India's 18th position in fast internet

A firm that tracks the speed at which internet runs in which countries across the world? Ookla has introduced its Speedtest Global Index report. According to this report, in the list of countries providing best internet speed in the world. India has got 18th position, The report gives the situation as of January 2024 during which India has achieved 99.03Mbps average download speed, Last year in December 2023, India was at number 21 in this list. i.e The country has jumped 3 places.

5G changed the internet market

According to the report, before the launch of 5G network in India, our country Ranked 188th in Speedtest Global Index in September 2022 Was. at that time in India 13.87Mbps Average download speed was available. within a year This rank will increase directly to number 43 in September 2023. Average download speed 54.05Mbps happened.

internet speed in 2023

month (2023) position internet speed
January Rank 69 29.95Mbps
February Rank 66 31.04Mbps
march Rank 64 33.30Mbps
april Rank 59 36.78Mbps
May Rank 57 39.94Mbps
june Rank 55 42.75Mbps
july Rank 53 43.76Mbps
august Rank 47 50.21Mbps
september Rank 43 54.05Mbps
october Rank 28 75.86Mbps
november Rank 18 94.62Mbps
December Rank 21 91.81Mbps

Note: Average download speeds are shown in the table above.

Countries with fastest internet speed

If we talk about the top 5 countries in the list in which India is at 18th position, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is at number one rank. in united arab emirates 302.38Mbps Average download speed is available. in this list 285.84Mbps Qatar second with speed, 196.94Mbps Kuwait third with download speed, 164.58Mbps China fourth with speed and 153.90Mbps Denmark is at number five with average download speed.


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