How to share Wi-Fi password, the easiest trick

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How to share wifi password

Suddenly a friend or family member asks you Wi-Fi Password If asked, you may not be able to tell them, because once the device is connected, it gets auto connected to that Wi-Fi area, so there is no need to remember the password. But there are some methods with the help of which you can share the Wi-Fi password even if you do not remember it. on Android and iPhone Wi-Fi password share ,how to share wifi passwordTo do this you can follow the methods given below:

In this article:

How to share Wi-Fi password in Android phone

If you want to share Wi-Fi password on Android device, then it is quite easy. We are going to explain here how to share Wi-Fi password on OnePlus 10 Pro. This method will work on Android 10 and later versions. For this follow the steps given below:

step 1: of Android phone setting After opening your Wi-Fi name in front of tap Do it.

share wifi password

Step-2: After this you share An option will appear on which you tap To do. After tapping you confirmed Will have to do.

share wifi password
Step-3: after this WIFI password to share QR code Option is available.
Step-4: Then viewer code You can connect WiFi to another device by scanning it or Nearby Can share through. Also, above the QR code you alphanumeric password will also be visible, whoever share can do.

share wifi password

How to share Wi-Fi password in iPhone

The exact method to share the Wi-Fi password on iPhone depends on your device. You can share Wi-Fi password on iPhone as follows:

step 1: iPhone first Wi-Fi network Connect to.
Step-2: then that iPhone, iPad or Apple Computer stay close to, with password share Want to do.
Step-3: Then on the device where the password is required, Wi-Fi network Select the one you want to connect with.
Step-4: Now on the pop-up that appears on the connected device 'Share Password' Tap on.

Step-5: This will connect the device and save the password so it can automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network at any time.

If you're trying to share the Wi-Fi password with someone else and the pop-up doesn't appear, make sure both devices are signed in to iCloud and each person has the other's email address in their phone. Is saved.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How do I share my WiFi with someone's phone?

It depends on the device you want to share the password with. If you have an Android device, you can generate a QR code, while iOS devices can share the password wirelessly with unknown iOS devices trying to connect to the same WiFi network.

How can I share my WiFi password with QR code?

Most Android devices automatically generate QR codes when sharing WiFi passwords. You can then share the Wi-Fi password through that QR code.

Are there any risks in sharing WiFi passwords?

Yes, if your WiFi password falls into the wrong hands, an intruder can attack your WiFi network and potentially steal sensitive data.

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