How to share Instagram Reels on Facebook?

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how to share instagram reels on facebook

You can watch Reels on Instagram (Instagram reels) make, but do not know that it Facebook But how to share? Don’t worry, the method is very simple. By sharing Instagram Reels on Facebook, you can not only reach a larger audience, but it can also be a way to increase followers. know How to share Instagram Reels on Facebook?

In this article:

How to share Instagram reels on Facebook

Before sharing Instagram Reels on Facebook, it is important that your Android&hl=en” class=”external” rel=”nofollow”>Instagram And Facebook account Be connected to each other. Link Instagram and Facebook accounts To do this, follow the steps given below:

step 1: To link Facebook to Instagram account, you need to Accounts Center have to go in
Step-2: For this you must first profile bottom right to go to profile or your profile picture But tap Will have to do.
Step-3: after this top right In three line hamburger menu Tap , then ‘Settings and Privacy’ got into.
Step-4: Here ‘Account Center’ Tap.

Step-5: To you ‘Connected Experience’ The option will appear. after tapping on it on screen instructions following the Instagram account to Facebook Can connect with.

Step-6: After connecting your Instagram account with Facebook, first tap on the left to share Reels. ‘create’ (+) by clicking on reels record Start doing.
Step-7: Now before sharing your reel ‘Share to Facebook’ Tap next to . Here to share Instagram Reels on Facebook Allowance Will have to do.

Step-8: which you facebook account Next to the link you want to share your reel with switch button Tap on.Step-9: Now you can choose from here All reels to be made in the future Want to share on Facebook or just current reel To.
Step-10: top left , But tap do, then here you ‘share’ You have to tap on.

How to Share Instagram Reels to Facebook Automatically

If you want to automatically share all the reels you create on Instagram to Facebook, follow the steps below:

step 1: Bottom right to go to your profile profile Or profile picture Click on.
Step-2: top right hamburger menu Click on and ‘Settings and Privacy’ Go to section.
Step-3: here you account center after going in Sharing across profiles on the option tap Do it.

Step-4: Now your account Select through which your share reels If you want to do so, then also select the account on which you want to share the reel.
Step-5: then down ‘Share automatically’ in front of switch button Tap on. after this Instagram But the reels you share will automatically facebook It will also be shared.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Who can view Instagram Reels on Facebook?

When you share your Instagram Reels to Facebook, it will be shared in the Reels section. If you have a public Instagram account, all Facebook account users over the age of 18 can view Instagram Reels. The Facebook algorithm will determine which users can view your Instagram Reels. Whereas if you have a private Instagram account, then reels on Facebook will be visible only to your friends.

Can Instagram Reels be shared on other social media accounts besides Facebook?

Instagram allows sharing of reels not just on Facebook but also on other social media platforms. If you want to share your Instagram Reel on other social media accounts, then you will have to change the Instagram settings. You will have to go to the section Sharing to other apps or Set up accounts. Here you will see a list of other social media (Twitter, Tumblr etc.) to which you can link.

Can I post a Reel on Facebook after sharing it on Instagram?

Yes, you can. First open Reels on Instagram, then tap the ‘Share’ button at the bottom of the screen. By clicking ‘Save Video’ here, it will be saved in your phone’s Photos app. After this the reel can be uploaded to Facebook.

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