How to remove safe mode in Android phone, know these 3 methods

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Android Smart and reliable operating system, but it has some problems. Sometimes an app hangs or the system freezes. When these types of problems occur with an Android smartphone or tablet, it can be difficult to diagnose, but Safe Mode Lets you find and fix most problems. If Android phone or tablet But if you want to remove safe mode, then know what is the method.

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How to remove Safe Mode in Android phone

When you're in Safe Mode on your Android or tablet, the apps on your Home screen may be grayed out and your app drawer may be empty. However, your data remains safe. When safe mode off If you do this, your device returns to normal state as it was before.

How to remove Safe Mode by restarting Android phone

Our Android Smartphone But the easiest way to turn off Safe Mode is to use the Power menu. In most cases it only takes a few seconds to restart the device and boot from Safe Mode. Follow the steps below to restart your device and turn off Safe Mode:

step 1: For Samsung and Google Pixel 5a and earlier devices power button Press and hold until you power menu Options may not appear.
Step-2: If you have a OnePlus phone or Google Pixel 6 or any newer device, Power And volume up button Press and hold for a few seconds.
Step-3: your phone Restart to do Restart button Tap on.

how to remove safe mode

If you don't see the Restart button, power button Press and hold (or Power and Volume Up) for about 30 seconds. Your phone will restart or shut down. Turn it back on by pressing the power button. after this safe mode Will go away.

How to remove Safe Mode from Android notification panel

Since Android is designed to be customizable by default, different Android device manufacturers have different features. For example, you can turn off Safe Mode on a Samsung smartphone using the notification panel. If you have a Samsung device and want to turn off Safe Mode, follow the steps below:

step 1: notification panel Drag it downwards.
Step-2: If your Android device supports this feature, you will see a continuous notification that safe mode active Is.

how to remove safe mode

Notification Tap on. Then turn off Select the option and safe mode Turn it off.

how to remove safe mode

How to remove Safe Mode by factory reset in Android

If apart from the two options mentioned above, you also have the option of factory reset. However, if you opt for factory reset to remove Safe Mode, then everything will be deleted from the Android phone or tablet. This guide to factory reset is for Google Pixel devices. Your Android device may have different settings or menu names. To factory reset a Google Pixel smartphone, you can follow the steps given below:

step 1: of your Android phone Settings Go to.
Step-2: reset Tap Options and Erase all data (factory reset) Select the option.

how to remove safe mode
Step-3: on signal Erase all data button Tap on and your Password, Pattern or PIN Confirm with. After this the phone will be factory reset. (Click here for more information)

Safe Mode Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What is safe mode?

Safe Mode is a kind of diagnostic mode for your phone, which helps you troubleshoot problems like slow or frequent phone crashes. Safe Mode disables your third-party apps to help you determine whether your problem is caused by an app or your operating system.

Where is safe mode in Android phone?

There are a few different ways to find Safe Mode on your Android. For this you can follow the steps given below:

  1. When your device is on power key Press and hold.
  2. in pop-up menu power icon Tap on.
  3. reboot to safe mode until displayed Power Press and hold the button.

safe mode to restart in ok Tap on.

Why should Safe Mode be launched?

Safe Mode is designed to help you figure out if an app or widget is causing problems.

What is the reason for Android phone to go into safe mode?

If there is any third party app that is corrupting the system, the Android phone will go into safe mode.

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