How to remove Khasra-Khatauni from mobile

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khasra khatauni UP

Now it has become easy to view land details online i.e. even on mobile. Let us tell you that Bhulekh Or Khasra-Khatauni yes or else Map You can get information like this on your mobile only, for this there is no need to visit the tehsil or office. if you Uttar Pradesh If you live in, let's know how land measles-khatauni mobile But you can see.

In this article:

Remove measles-khatauni from mobile like this

If you do not want to visit the tehsil, you can follow the steps given below to remove Khasra-Khatauni yourself:

step 1: For this you Uttar Pradesh Revenue Department website of But will have to visit.

Bhulekh UP

After opening the site, you will see many options on the home page, such as Revenue Village Khatauni Code, Unique Code of Plot/Gate, Status of Sale of Plot/Gate, Copy of Khatauni, Copy of Khatauni (Part Determination), Real Time Khatauni Copy Etcetera.
Step-3: Now let's assume you Copy of Khatauni (Record of Rights) If you want to see, then click on that option. Click Do it. You have to enter captcha.
then in front of you District, Tehsil, Village The option to choose will appear.

As soon as you select these things, then a new page open Comes in front.
Step-6: over here Khasra/Gata number, account number, name of account holder, transfer date etc. You can search on the basis of.

Bhulekh UP

After the search, details of all the land parcels in that village will be visible. Select the part which needs to be khatauni. After this a new page will open, in which captcha code will be given. after entering it continue Have to click on.
Step-8: After this a new page will open. In which your land records like Name of land owner, Khasra number, area of ​​land (in hectares) Adi comes out in the open. Which you can download and print. In this way you can remove Khasra-Khatauni.

Note: In all the villages which are not visible here real time khatauni Work is going on. In such a situation, the Khatauni of the village whose Khatauni is not visible, real time khatauni Can be seen by clicking on the option. The details of the villages whose Khatauni has been converted to real time Khatauni. Real Time Khatauni Dashboard But can be seen.

What is Khasra-Khatauni?

If you own land or buy or sell land, then you must have heard about Khasra-Khatauni. Measles Talking about it, it is an agricultural document, in which complete information about the land is written. In this, information about the area in which the land is located and who is its owner etc. is recorded. all this information revenue Department The land in the village is allotted on the basis of numbers. Then this information is written in Khasra.

Whereas if you khatauni If we talk about, then it is also of the state revenue Department It is a record in which the details of how much land is owned by any person or his family are recorded. At the time of sale and purchase of land in India, Khatauni number plays an important role, as it contains all the important information about the land.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How can I see the Khasra/Khatauni number of my land?

To see the Khasra-Khatauni number of your land, you can visit the website of the state governments. Most states have digitalized land records. You can get information about Khasra or Khatauni number on your state's revenue department website. If these records of the Revenue Department are not online yet in your state, then you can go to the Tehsildar office and get a copy of it.

Whom will you have to contact for Khatauni and Khasra number?

For Khasra or Khatauni number, you will have to contact the state revenue department only. After which the Patwari will come and inspect your land and after a few days will provide your Khatauni number or Khasra number.

What is the difference between measles and measles?

Khasra is a number provided for a particular land, while Khatauni is the details of all land-holdings by a family.


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