How to remove BSNL mobile number (4 ways)

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bsnl mobile number checkbsnl mobile number check

You are a BSNL user and your Mobile Number Have you forgotten? This especially happens if you are a new customer or you have just purchased a new BSNL SIM card or you have not recharged your mobile number for a long time. However, you do not need to worry, because BSNL provides many methods through which you can know your mobile number without any hassle. Let us know how in this article USSD codes BSNL number can be detected with the help of other methods.

architel How to get BSNL number
ussd code *1#
customer care number 1800-180-1503, 1503
Apps My BSNL App

In this article:

How to remove BSNL number from USSD Code

Our BSNL mobile number If you want to find out, then you can use USSD code. Through this you will be able to know your mobile number immediately. By the way, let us tell you that with the help of USSD code, information about balance, data, validity etc. can also be obtained. If you have forgotten your BSNL number, you can follow these steps:

step 1: First of all your phone dialer Go to option.
Step-2: Now from your registered BSNL number *1# Dial up. Let us tell you that this is the USSD code to check BSNL number.
Step-3: For you one flash message You will get what you want bsnl mobile number Will show.

There are other USSD codes to know BSNL mobile number, the list of which is given below:

  • *1#
  • *2#
  • *222#
  • *888#
  • *785#
  • *555#
  • *555*2#
  • *888#
  • *888*1#

How to remove mobile number from BSNL App

If you want, you can also find out your BSNL mobile number through BSNL's My BSNL App. For this follow the steps given below:

step 1: from Google Play Store My BSNL App Download and install it on your smartphone.
Step-2: Once installed your mobile number Log in by entering (If you do not know your mobile number, you can use the USSD code option mentioned above for BSNL number check).
Step-3: After entering your BSNL number, a OTP (One Time Password) will receive.
Step-4: Enter the OTP to complete the login process on the app.
Step-5: once you bsnl app Once you are logged in, you can check your mobile number anytime, anywhere as it will appear on the home screen of the app.

After this you can use the app to know your mobile number at any time. Apart from this, you can also recharge, avail app-exclusive offers and get other information.

BSNL 4G network purchase order of 15000 crore issued to TCSBSNL 4G network purchase order of 15000 crore issued to TCS

How to withdraw BSNL number by calling another number

The easiest and simplest way to check BSNL number is the traditional method. You have to call another number from your number or you can also send SMS. However, for this it is important that you have an active plan. If you do not do this, then you will have to use the USSD codes and online tricks mentioned above to know and check the BSNL number.

How to remove BSNL number from customer care

You can also check your BSNL number by calling BSNL customer care. For this, use the BSNL mobile number given below. Toll-free helpline You can call:

In this way you can find out your BSNL number even if you forget it.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How to see BSNL number in Android phone?

To see your BSNL number in Android phone, you have to go to the settings of the mobile. Then About Phone After clicking, click on All Specs or Status. After this you will be able to see the phone number and SIM card details. ,

What is the toll free number to check BSNL number?

You can call toll free number to know your BSNL number. 1800-180-1503 or 1503 You can also dial on.

How to check BSNL SIM balance?

To check BSNL SIM balance you have to *123# USSD code has to be dialled.

For other services of BSNL What are USSD codes (BSNL USSD codes)?

BSNL Net Balance Check: *234#

BSNL last call charges details: *102#

BSNL number check: *8888#

BSNL Voice Pack Information: *126#

BSNL Offer Check: *124*5#

BSNL First Recharge Coupon (FRC) Balance : *123*4#

Check BSNL Active Prepaid Plan: *124*8#, *124*5#

BSNL prepaid offer: *444#

Find SIM card number: *999#


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