How to make 3D Animation Video from mobile? best ways

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How to make 3d animation video

Are you from mobile? 3D Animation Video Want to learn to draw? it’s not difficult. Nowadays there are many such Apps, Websites and Desktop Software are also present, with the help of 3d animation video You can easily learn to make it. Let us try to learn in this article how we can create better quality 3D animation videos at home with the help of apps, websites and desktop software.

In this article:

How to make 3D Animation video with Prisma3D app?

Prisma 3D is an app for creating animation and modeling. This app allows you to create 3D logos and 3D intros, 3D modeling and virtual reality content. You can also use its multi-touch feature for great 3D navigation.



  1. You can create shapes, lights, pens and cameras.
  2. It allows you to select and change multiple objects.
  3. You can apply textures and group projects with Prisma 3D.
  4. You can import up to 50 different files (.obj, .fbx, .gltf, .stl, .ply, …) with this app.
  5. It gives you the option to change the color with the color picker.
  6. With its help, the facility of digital drawing, 3D sculpting, 3D vector graphic editing, 3D mesh creator etc. is available.

download link ,Android,

How to create 3D Animation video from Flexclip website?

If you want to make 3D Animation video, then you can take help of Flexclip website. With its help, a video can be prepared in just three steps. In this you can browse different types of 3D animation video templates and choose the one as per your need. You can also use filters, transitions, overlays, dynamic text etc. with videos. It can be tried for free.
flex clip


  1. Beautiful looking UI and UX.
  2. Thousands of beautiful templates.
  3. Features like text, overlay, widget, logo, intro/outro etc.
  4. Video and music trimming, image adjusting, aspect ratio changing, effects, voiceover, adding watermarks, video editing tools.
  5. Built-in screen/webcam recorder.
  6. Storyboard Mode + Timeline Mode.
  7. Cloud Storage, Custom Fonts, Background Remover

How to make a video with Flexclip in 3 steps?

step 1: Add videos or photos from a computer or stock library to the storyboard.
Step-2: Add text, music, and voiceover to customize the video.
Step-3: Download video in different ratios, then share it online.


How to make 3D Animation video with Blender software?

Blender is an open-source 3D animation tool. You can also use this tool to create 3D animation videos for free. With this you also get many 3D animation tools. These include texturing, body simulation and sculpting, video editing, rigging, compositing, coloring, texturing, and 3D modeling tools. Blender is an all-in-one 3D animation tool that hobbyists can use to create 2-second animated memes. Also, professionals use it to design 3D architectural structures.


  1. Can use brushes and masking to create 3D surfaces and paint.
  2. You can download and use add-ons and customized animation tools with Python scripting support.
  3. Supports both auto and manual tracking for 3D animation.
  4. Supports powerful rendering using GPU and CPU power.
  5. Camera restoration and VR rendering
  6. It supports Windows, Mac, Linux etc.

download link

Other apps/websites that make 3D Animation Videos

There are other apps and websites available for creating 3D Animation Videos.

3D Animation Apps

  1. Filmora – Video Editor & Maker
  2. Animate em!
  3. Lightroom Photo & Video Editor
  4. Anime8
  5. Animation Desk

3D Animation Websites

  1. Go Animate
  2. Biteable
  3. renderforest
  4. vector
  5. animez

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Which app is good for 3D animation?

For 3D animation app you can use Bot3D Editor. It is available for iOS devices. It’s an easy-to-use anime editor that only requires dragging to complete the editing. For Android you can use apps like Filmora, Animate em!, Lightroom Photo & Video Editor.

How to animate a 3D object?

The best way to animate a 3D object is to use keyframes and built-in templates. If you are a beginner, then you might not know how to create a 3D object, but with templates you just have to choose one and start customizing it.

Where can I make 3D animation for free?

There is a lot of free animation software available for creating 3D animations. You can also use Pencil2D to make animation easier. However, you will have to download this software on your desktop. But for this it is also important that you have a basic understanding of animation.


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