How to hide App (in any Android phone)

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how to hide app

Android phone There can be many reasons for hiding apps. Even if you have locked your phone, it is possible that other people in the house are also using your phone or there may be some apps which are not child-friendly. Apart from this, there may also be sensitive documents, photos, videos present in the phone, which you do not want to be visible to others, then Hide apps in Android phone Doing this can be a good option. let us tell you Android phone How to hide apps in (how to hide app,

In this article:

How to hide apps from Android phone's settings

you many Android phone With the help of settings in hide apps Can. you in settings hide apps You can search by. After this, you may see the option of Hide Apps in the search. If in search hide apps Option is not visible. Then Android default settings From hide apps You can access the option. For this follow the steps given below:

step 1: For this, call first Settings Open the.
Step-2: Then Home screen Tap on. Then hide apps Scroll for.

Android.jpg” alt=”hide apps on Android ” width=”300″ height=”540″/>
Step-3: after that Apps Tap on the Hyde Want to do. After this the apps will be moved to the hidden apps section.

How to hide apps with App-hider

You can take the help of app hider apps to hide apps on Android phone. Let us know about some such apps which are available on Google Play Store:

Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher

nova launcher This is also a good way to hide apps on Android phones. This changes your home screen. Nova Launcher also has the feature of hiding apps, that is, you can hide the apps here as per your convenience.

App Hider
App Hider

How to hide apps on Android phone App Hider: Hide Apps You can also take help of the app. This is a customizable app, which allows you to hide the app. The icon of this app is also a little different, it looks like a calculator.


Vault App Allows you to hide apps, files, photos and videos on your Android phone. It also has the facility to lock apps with password along with cloud backup.

How to hide an app from Secure folder

Nowadays, most Android phones will have secure folders or similar features to hide apps.

  1. Samsung in the phone Secure Folder There is a feature where you can safely hide apps, photos and other data.
  2. Xiaomi phones I also have something similar Dual apps There is a feature, which allows cloning of apps. Although the Dual Apps feature does not hide apps, it clones Android apps. In this way you can hide important data or account information.

How to hide apps by disabling them

Android app permissions app in disable After doing this you get the option to hide it. This can be useful if you don't want to uninstall apps. If you disable an app on an Android phone, you can prevent the apps from using the phone's resources. To disable the phone from the home screen, you can follow the steps given below:

step 1: The app on the home screen disable want to do, on that tap And hold Do it.
Step-2: Then in the pop-up menu you disable An option will appear, select it. you here uninstall The option of will also appear. If this system app then you can only disable Can only do. After this the app will be hidden and background usage will also be restricted.

How to hide apps in Samsung phone

There are many ways to hide apps in Samsung phones. You can use Samsung's app to hide apps. secret mode You can use. For this, you have to tap on the home screen in Settings. Then Hide apps will have to be selected. Additionally, Samsung has built-in secure folder With the help of which apps can also be hidden. Samsung's secure folder To use the feature you can follow the steps given below:

step 1: you in samsung phone Settings > Security and privacy > Secure Folder Will have to go. Then you have to sign-in or you can create a folder with Samsung account.

Secure folder
Step-2: After this you will have to go to Samsung phone secure folder of Settings Will have to go.
Step-3: Now open the Secure Folder on the home screen of your phone and , (Plus icon). Step-4: after that app To select do it, which Hyde Want to do. then that app secure folder Will move in.

After this you will see all the hidden apps. secure folder Will be visible in, which only you will be able to see. However, hidden apps may be visible to you in some Android settings.

How to hide apps in OnePlus phone

It is very easy to hide apps in OnePlus phones also. For this you Hide Apps You can use the feature. To hide apps in OnePlus phone, you have to follow the steps given below:

step 1: To hide apps in OnePlus phone, after opening the phone's settings privacy Tap on.
Step-2: After this you permission And Privacy Two options will appear. In this Privacy Have to tap on.
Step-3: Now Hide Apps Select that option. After this you privacy password You will be asked to set it first. Also, some guidelines will have to be followed.

oneplus phone
Step-4: After this scroll through the list of apps, then Apps in front of toggle To on Select what you want to hide.

After this, the hidden apps will disappear from the home screen and you will not see the apps even in recent tasks. But it is possible that some apps may still be visible to you in some settings of the Android phone.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How to hide apps on Android without disabling them?

To hide apps on Android devices, you can take help of home page settings or third party apps like Nova Launcher or App Hider apps.

How can an app be completely hidden?

For this, you can disable the app or with the help of Android launcher apps, the apps can be completely hidden.

How to hide an app on Android without any apps?

To hide an app without any apps on Android, you have to go to the device settings. Where you will get features to hide apps or you can disable it by selecting the app from the app list.

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