How to fix phone speaker at home, know these simple methods

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Phone speaker problem

Can't you hear anything from your smartphone? If you use wireless earphones or headphones to listen to audio, this is also not a permanent solution. Well, these days mostly Android smartphone (Android smartphones) come with dual speakers. Some phones are equipped with Dolby Digital support for better audio experience. if your smartphone speakers If there is any problem, then it can be fixed to some extent even sitting at home. let us know smartphone speaker problem How to fix:

In this article:

How to fix mobile speaker with Speaker Cleaner app?

If your phone's speaker is not working and you think that this may have happened due to the phone coming in contact with water, then in such a situation Speaker Cleaner App Can take help. Well, nowadays many smartphones come with water resistant feature. If your phone is not water resistant, then let us know how you can fix the speaker problem using Speaker Cleaner app:

step 1: first of all for this Google Play Store From Speaker Cleaner App Download it.
Step-2: To use the Speaker Cleaner app, volume maximum but do it and phone screen Keep turning it from side to side.

Step-3: after this CLEAN SPEAKER Tap the button. The phone will begin to vibrate and pump water out of the speaker. Even after this, if it seems that the speaker is not working properly, then you can try it for free.

Phone speaker problem

Download Link: Speaker Cleaner (free-paid)

Check these phone settings

You can also check the speaker through the phone's settings to see where the problem is.

check do not disturb

is yours Android phone Active DND Mode (dnd mode) is on? Yes, then the speaker will not work with incoming calls and notifications. In such a situation you DND mode To disable Will have to do.

step 1: Do Not Disturb Mode To disable The easiest way to do that is home screen Swipe down. In the quick toggles menu Do Not Disturb Option will appear. This off Do it.

Step-2: The second way is to use Android phone Settings Open the.
Step-3: Then Sound and vibration go in and Do Not Disturb Open the.

Phone speaker problem
Step-4: Now schedule Tap on and dnd routines To disable Do it.

restart the device

Sometimes restarting the phone also fixes the speaker problem. To restart the phone, follow the steps given below:

step 1: of phone power And volume up buttons together Press do it, then Restart But tap Do it.
Step-2: Swipe down on the phone's home screen, then quick toggles Expand the menu a bit and you power button Will be seen. You can also restart the phone by tapping on it.

Try Safe mode

If there is a problem with the speaker due to a third party app, then Android users safe mode With the help of this we can find out this problem. For this follow the steps given below:

step 1: For this volume up And power buttons together Press Do it. Then Power Open the menu.
Step-2: Then power off Press and hold the button continuously, then turn off the phone safe mode to open in Ok Tap on.
Phone speaker problem

If your phone's speakers work properly, then safe mode Quit and delete the recently installed app.

clean mobile speaker

Sometimes the sound gets reduced due to accumulation of dust in the phone's speakers. In such a situation the speaker microfiber cloth And Iso Propyl Alcohol Clean with rubbing alcohol. However, do not use any sharp thing at all for this. This can permanently damage the phone's speaker. If even after this the speaker of the Android phone is not working, then it would be better to visit the nearest service center with the phone.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How do I know if my Android phone is in safe mode?

If your Android phone is in Safe Mode, then you will see the Safe Mode label at the bottom left corner of the screen.

Can calls be made in safe mode in Android?

If your phone is in safe mode, you can still make and receive calls.


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