How to download video from Pinterest, know step by step guide

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best pinterest video downloader

Pinterest It is a social photo service, where users share photos and videos related to inspiration, trend, fashion, decor, cooking etc. If you find any on this platform Video Like it and watch it offline download If you want to do it, then the method is very easy. Let us tell you some ways, with the help of pinterest You will be able to download the video on mobile and desktop.

In this article:

How to download videos from Pinterest

You can download videos from Pinterest to your phone or PC in 3 different ways:

Download Pinterest Videos from App

You Video Downloader for Pinterest (Video Downloader for Pinterest) With the help of the app you can download videos on your smartphone:

Phase 1: First of all Google Play Store on your Android smartphone from Video Downloader for Pinterest Download and install the app.

Phase 2: After this, select the video you want to download. app Or open it on the browser.

step 3: then at the top of the window 'Share to' Click on the icon and 'Copy Link' Select it.Video Downloader for Pinterest

step 4: Now video download for pinterest Go to app and select copied URL Paste it in the link field. after this 'download' Click on the button. This way you Pinterest Video Video Will be able to download it on mobile.

Apart from the Video Downloader for Pinterest app, you can also download videos with the help of the following apps:

Download Pinterest Video from browser extension

If you want to download videos from Pinterest on desktop, you can install a browser extension or plugin. For this the following steps have to be followed:

Pincase-Pinterest Video & Image Downloader

Phase 1: For this, first of all you Pincase-Pinterest Video & Image Downloader Download the Chrome extension on your Chrome browser.

Phase 2: then on chrome browser pinterest Open it and sign in.

step 3: favorite after Video Open which download Want to do.

step 4: The one with the arrow to automatically download the video red button (will appear in the top left corner of the video). on that Click Do it. video after this download Will be done.

Download Pinterest video with the help of website

You can also take the help of the website to download Pinterest videos with original quality. For this follow the steps given below:

Phase 1: First of all pinterest Login to and choose your favorite Video after opening it URL Make a copy.

Phase 2: after this Go to.

step 3: over here copy were done Link Paste it in the link field. Then download button Click on.

step 4: One window It will open, where you will see the thumbnail of the video. After right-clicking on it you context menu But will come. In this 'Save video as…' Select the command. If you want to download the file in 1080p quality, then green color ones download video file button Click on.

With the help of Pinterest Video Downloader website, you can download videos on Android, iOS or PC by following the same process. Only the method of copying the link of the video may be different.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How can I download videos directly from Pinterest?

Pinterest does not give you the option to download videos directly from its platform. But if you want, you can save the video in your Pinterest profile.

How can I download Pinterest videos online for free?

To download Pinterest videos online you just need to copy the link of the video. After this, you can download it by pasting the link in the downloader website. For this you can use the methods mentioned above.

What will be the quality of the video after downloading it from Pinterest?

You can download MP4 video quality from Pinterest. The video will be directly downloaded in FHD, 4K format if it is uploaded in that quality.

Which site is good to download Pinterest videos?

You can use the following options to download Pinterest videos:

Is it legal to download Pinterest videos?

As long as you download the video for your offline use, it is considered legal. However, you will need to seek permission from the content creator to share it within your community or use it for commercial purposes.


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