How to do screen recording in iPhone, learn the easy way

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screen recording in iphone

If you iPhone or iPad screen But if you want to capture video, then you do not need to download any third party app for this. You can record screen activities Screen Recording Can take help of feature. Let us know with the help of built-in screen recording tool How to do screen recording in iPhone,

In this article:

How to do screen recording on iPhone (without apps)

Screen recording on iPhone or iPad is easier than using third-party apps. For screen recording you can follow the steps given below:

step 1: Screen recording feature (Screen Recording feature) To use this feature you must first control Panel Will have to be added.

how to do screen recording in iphone

For this on your iPhone or iPad Settings > Control Center Go to and keep the Access Within Apps option turned on.
Step-3: Then 'More Control Section' In Screen Recording Tap on. after this this control section It will be added and you will also see it in the control section.
Step-4: now that Screen go to, which to record want. control center Open the. Then Circular Screen Recording Tap the button. then you countdown will appear, after which the recording will start.

how to do screen recording in iphone

If sound with screen recording If you want to do this, then long press the Record button on Control Center. Then microphone Tap the button. With its help you can turn the sound off or on again.

By default recording your photo library But when you want to save to a different destination, then long press the Record button, then select a different destination from the list that appears. then from this window Start Recording Tap on , the countdown will start. The one with the timer at the top of your screen red icon Will be seen.
Step-7: When screen recording Once completed, you will control center There is no need to go in. Tap the red icon at the top of the screen. When you're asked if you want to stop screen recording, Stop Tap on. A notification will appear stating that the recorded video has been saved to the device.

How to edit screen recording on iPhone

Your screen recording is saved in the photo library. You can also edit the screen recording without the help of third party apps. For this follow the steps given below:

how to do screen recording in iphone

step 1: photo library app Open it and your screen recording Search for. You can also go directly to the screen recording you just finished by selecting the notification banner that appears when you stop recording.
Step-2: now your screen recording Open it and click on the button shown in the top right corner. edit Select button.
Step-3: You can edit your screen recording to make slight changes to the beginning and end of the recording. trim Will need to do. To do this select the arrows at either end of the timeline that appears below your video. Then drag them left or right to adjust the start and end points. A yellow outline will appear around the video.
Step-4: In addition to trimming your video, here Exposure, Brightness, Contrast, Color, Filter And cropping Tools are also available to adjust. While these won't typically be useful for screen recording, they are there if you need them.
Step-5: When you are satisfied with your editing, in the top right corner Done Tap on. Select Save Video if you want to overwrite the original screen recording. Whereas if you want to save your edited version as a copy, then new clip Save as.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Why isn't my screen recording option visible?

If you don't see the screen recording option on your iPhone, it may be because the device software isn't updated or the feature hasn't been added to your Control Center yet. First of all open the Settings app General > Software Update Make sure your iPhone is updated to iOS 11 or later. If the screen recording option doesn't appear on your Control Center, open the Settings app again and tap Control Center > Customize Controls. From there you can see the green , You can add the screen recording feature to your Control Center by tapping the icon.

Why is my screen recording option not working?

There can be several reasons why your screen recording option does not work. In such a situation, update the iPhone with the latest iOS software, keep the battery fully charged and ensure adequate storage. After this you should also check whether low power mode or any restrictions are activated. If so, then disable it.

How long can I record the screen on iPhone?

There is no time limit for screen recording on iPhone. But for this it is necessary that there is sufficient storage available in your iPhone. Some iPhone users also report that if their device overheats, their phone stops recording screen.

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