How to do call recording in iPhone, the easiest way

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iphone call recording

Many times during a conversation with someone on an iPhone, a phone call (phone call) feels the need to record. if you record calls on iphone (iPhone call record), then it is not easy, because due to privacy, directly on the iPhone Voice call recording There is no facility. But you do not need to worry, because with the help of third party apps you will be able to record calls on iPhone. But you have to keep in mind that It is illegal to record calls without consent Is. let us know Call recording in iPhone (iPhone me call recording) In detail about…

In this article:

Call recording apps on iPhone

There is no direct call recording facility available on iPhone, but there are some apps available with the help of which you can record the call if you want:

Voice Memos App

iPhone and iPad come with a built-in Voice Memos app. Many users use it to record sound and other things. With its help you can record calls on iPhone. But you will not be able to record phone calls directly with its help. Although this is a free app and you do not need to install any separate third party app for call recording. Voice Memos app To use it, follow the steps given below:

Voice Memos App

step 1: You have to use another device for the phone call and on your iPhone voice memo ,Voice Memos) The app has to be opened.
Step-2: Then to record the phone call red record Tap the button. But put the other phone you're calling from on speaker and keep the volume turned up so that Voice Memos can record the sound clearly.
Step-3: Once the call is recording Done Tap the button. Your call recording will be saved in the app. then this share icon You can also share it with someone else by tapping on it.

Download Link: Voice Memos App (Free)

Google Voice App

You can also record calls on iPhone with the help of Google Voice. However, before downloading the Google Voice app, it is important to know that this app is currently available in America only and in some selected markets it works with Google Workplace account. Learn how to record calls in iPhone with the help of Google Voice:

Google Voice App

step 1: First of all Google Voice After downloading and installing the app on iPhone, launch it.
Step-2: Then select the search option. now you drop-down menu You have to tap on , which you will see next to the phone number. if you Google voice account If you want to enter a new number, enter it.
Step-3: After this your contact info Verify. Then Next Keep tapping the button until you input your phone number Option is not visible.
Step-4: now connect to iPhone phone number To dial Do it. then you get a verification code will be sent. him you confirmed Will have to do.
Step-5: using verification code google voice account settings Complete the.
Step-6: Now launch the web browser and then google account Login with the account you used google voice Have done with.
Step-7: after this Settings Go to menu. Then the page top right In gear icon Tap on.
Step-8: now you Calls Have to tap on the option. Then scroll down and incoming calls Toggle option on Do it.
Google Voice App
Step-9: On iPhone Keypad to Start Call Recording from Google Voice Number 4 keys Tap on.

Download Link: Google Voice app (Free)


TapeACall is also a useful third party app for call recording for iPhone users. With its help, you can easily record conversations or conference calls. To record calls on iPhone with TapeACall, follow the steps given below:


step 1: First on your iPhone TapeACall Download and install it. After this open the app.
Step-2: Then record button Press and to dial the call you want to record. classic icon Tap on.
Step-3: Now to connect the call to the server to start recording merge call Tap the button. Your recording will start. For you to listen to the recording, playback and share the recording share button You can tap on.

Download Link: TapeACall App (Free)

Rev: Record & Transcribe

For call recording on iPhone, you can also take the help of Rev Record & Transcribe app (Rev: Record & Transcribe). Here you can also record long conversations. Once you install this app on your iPhone, you can start call recording with a single tap. Follow the steps given below for call recording:

Rev Record & Transcribe

step 1: on your iPhone Rev: Record & Transcribe After downloading and installing the app, open it.
Step-2: Then tap on the green Start Recording button and select Incoming or Outgoing Call from the given options.
Step-3: Now dial the number and tap on Call to connect the Rave Server. Then press CALL again to dial the call. Merge calls to record them while connected.

download link: Rev: Record & Transcribe (free-paid)

Call Recorder Lite for iPhone

You can take the help of Call Recorder Lite to record incoming and outgoing calls on iPhone. To use Call Recorder Lite app, follow the steps given below:

Call Recorder Lite for iPhone

step 1: Call Recorder Lite app on your iPhone (Call Recorder Lite) Download and install. Then launch it.
Step-2: After opening the record screen record button Tap on. now your call 'Call Recorder Lite' Will be transferred to the server.
Step-3: To record it once connected merge call button Tap on.

Download Link: Call Recorder Lite (free-paid)

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

Can I record phone calls on iPhone?

Yes, you can record phone calls on iPhone by using the Voice Memos app, built-in screen recording feature, or by downloading a third-party call recorder.

How do I record a FaceTime call on my iPhone?

You can record the screen using the Screen Record feature with FaceTime. But FaceTime will not be able to record audio during calls. For this, open Control Center > Tap on Screen Record > Open FaceTime app and start the call > Tap on Stop to end the recording. Then you can search for the recording in the Photos app.

How do I screen record a phone call with audio on iPhone?

To record calls with audio on your iPhone you need to use an app that supports call recording. If you use a conferencing app like Zoom, you can record Zoom calls on your phone. Start the meeting > tap More > Record to the cloud > Then you can find the recording in the Recordings section after logging in to your account.


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