How to create YouTube Thumbnail with Pixellab, learn the easy way

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If you Youtube video great for thumbnail If you want to prepare, it is easy. Let us tell you that while uploading a video on YouTube, the thumbnail for the video (Youtube thumbnail) Is required. Video thumbnails let viewers immediately know what the video is about. By the way, if you want, you can choose one of the three thumbnail options automatically generated by YouTube after the video is uploaded or you can even upload your own thumbnail. If you want to create your own thumbnail, then PixelLab app Can take help. This is a free app.

In this article:

Where to download PixelLab App

  1. Youtube video If you want to create thumbnails for free, then PixelLab – Text on pictures Can be downloaded from Google Play Store.
  2. You also get many features in this app. You can add stylish text, 3D text, shapes, stickers and drawings on top of photos.
  3. Its user interface is also quite simple and you get presets, fonts, stickers, backgrounds etc.
  4. Talking about the special features of this app, it provides the facility of text, 3D text, text effect, text color, text font, stickers, image import, draw, background change, remove background, image effect, export image etc.

How to create YouTube thumbnail with PixelLab App

To create YouTube thumbnails with the help of PixelLab app, you can follow the steps given below:

step 1: PixelLab app After downloading it, open it.
Step-2: After this on the top right corner three dots Have to tap on the menu.

PixelLab App

Step-3: From the drop down menuImage SizeSelect ‘.

Step-4: Then from the drop down menu in the preset box ‘Youtube thumbnail’ Select and then ok Tap on.

Step-4: After this in the top left + icon Tap on and from here ‘from gallery’ Select it.

Step-5: After this you can select it from the phone’s gallery. Photo can be selected, which thumbnail Want to make.
Step-6: now you (√) icon You have to tap on, which you will find on the bottom right side.

Step-7: to the photo drag Do it and set it. After this, with the help of the tool you can create great thumbnails. With thumbnails if you want Text, Effects, Colors, Background etc. can be added.
Step-8: Once you have created the thumbnail, click on the top photo icon Tap on. Then ‘Save As Image’ after selecting ‘Save To Gallery’ Tap on. After this you will be able to use your thumbnail on YouTube.

To insert your thumbnail, first make sure you’ve uploaded your video. Then go to YouTube Studio and select the video. Then tap on the pencil icon and custom thumbnail Select it. Now you can select the one you just created from your gallery. thumbnail Select and save Do it. Then thumbnail on video Will become visible.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What is the size of YouTube thumbnail?

YouTube Thumbnail Dimensions Typically 1280X720 pixels is also. Minimum width is 640 pixels. The ideal YouTube thumbnail aspect ratio is 16:9.

What is YouTube thumbnail?

The way your meta description tells about your article and helps in attracting the user. like that YouTube thumbnail Tells about your video. If you create thumbnails using attractive, high-quality images, viewers are attracted to them and may even click on your video.

What makes a thumbnail good?

To create the most effective YouTube thumbnail you need to take care to convey what the video is about. Additionally, your branding needs to be in Google’s ideal resolution. YouTube thumbnails should include high-quality images and should also be mobile-friendly.


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