How to check SAR value of your mobile

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how to check mobile valuehow to check mobile value

Usually, while buying a mobile, people look at its camera, RAM, storage and processor, but have you ever bought a phone keeping the radiation in mind, because mobiles emitting more radiation than the prescribed standard can make you sick. Let us tell you that many smartphones emit more radiation than the prescribed limit. In such a situation, it is very important that while purchasing the phone, you SAR (Specific Absorption Rate) Do check it out. let's go What is SAR value?, How to know the real value of your smartphone?

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What is SAR value?

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SAR i.e. Specific Observation Rate Level is a method of measuring the radiation emitted from a mobile. Every mobile phone has a specific absorption rate i.e. how much radiation the phone can withstand, which is not harmful to the body. This means that the higher the SAR value of a mobile, the more harmful it will be to the body. Any smartphone, tablet or other smart device under the 'Specific Observation Rate' (SAR) of the Ministry of Communication Radiation 1.6 watts per kilogram Should not exceed. This rule also applies to the distance of 1.5 cm of the device from the body. If your device crosses this limit of radiation while talking on the phone or keeping it in your pocket, then it is dangerous for both your health and age. According to the Cellular Telecommunication and Internet Association, it is necessary to provide radiation related information on all mobile handsets.

What should be the SAR value of mobile?

Every smartphone has different intrinsic value. This SAR value is decided by the government of every country and phones with SAR value higher than the fixed value are banned in that country. Let us tell you that the core values ​​decided by the governments of India and America are the same. The maximum draw value of mobile phones in India is 1.6 W/kg. Here watt/kilogram means that 1 kilogram of tissue can absorb a maximum power of 1.6 watts of waves.

Phone abstract value
Apple iPhone 15 SAR 1.12 W/kg (head), 1.14 W/kg (body)
Samsung Galaxy S24 1.23 W/kg (head), 1.10 W/kg (body)
OnePlus 12 1.18 W/kg (head), 0.68 W/kg (body)


This is how you can check mobile radiation

The mobile phones we use emit a special type of waves (electromagnetic radiation), which are considered harmful. There is a possibility of many fatal diseases including mental depression due to mobile radiation. Check the abstract value like this:

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  • If you want to check the radiation of your Android and iOS device, then for this use mobile *#07# Have to dial.
  • As soon as you dial this number, information related to radiation will appear on the mobile screen. In this, the level of radiation is shown in two ways. One is 'head' and the other is 'body'.
  • What is the level of mobile radiation to the head i.e. while talking on the phone and what is the level of radiation to the body i.e. while using the phone or keeping it in the pocket.

Can we protect ourselves from radiation?

According to technology experts, the device cannot be completely freed from radiation, but it can definitely be avoided for some time. He says that never talk while keeping the phone on charge. At this time mobile radiation increases up to 10 times. Do not call when the signal is weak or the battery is discharged. During this period also the radiation level increases. Use earphones or headphones if needed. This reduces the effect of radiation on the body. You can also try these methods:

  • If you use a mobile, use a protective case with it. Such cases will be available in the market, which can reduce the direct effect of radiation.
  • The more you keep the phone away from the body, the better it can be for you. Do not keep the phone in the pocket close to the heart or in the pants pocket.
  • Use landline as much as possible instead of mobile phone, this can save you from getting hit by its harmful rays.
  • Keep your phone switched off, especially before sleeping at night.
  • If you want to avoid the direct effects of radiation, then you can talk on speaker phone.
  • To reduce radiation, you can also install a ferrite bead (a device that absorbs radiation) with your phone.
  • Using mobile phone radiation shield is also a good way. Nowadays many companies are selling such equipment in the market.
  • Can use radiation block application. Actually, these are special types of software, which can block WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS or antenna for a specific time.

question Answer

What is mobile radiation?

Mobile phone radiation is classified as non-ionizing. According to experts, there are two types of radiation in our mobile phones. One is microwave radiation and the other is heating radiation. Microwave radiation is the radiation that a mobile phone emits when it connects to a signal from a mobile tower. Heating radiation is produced when the mobile phone gets heated while receiving a call or while using the phone. In such a situation, it is not possible to stop microwave radiation, because by stopping it the signal from the phone will disappear. Microwave radiation is caused by electromagnetic waves whose frequency ranges from 1000 to 3000 MHz. Microwave ovens, ACs, wireless computers, cordless phones and other wireless devices also produce radiation, but due to continuous use, proximity to the body and increasing numbers, mobile radiation can prove to be the most dangerous.

What are the SAR value limits in different countries?

Different countries have different SAR limits set for radiofrequency radiation exposure, which are as follows:

  • The limit value in the US is 1.6 watts per kilogram.
  • The maximum value of essence in Canada is 1.6 W/kg.
  • In the European Union the SAR limit of a device cannot exceed 2.0 W/kg measured from 10g of tissue volume.


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