How to block Vi SIM (2023), these methods are easy

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Vi sim card block

If you are in your mobile Vodafone-Idea SIM card (Vi SIM card) If you use mobile and your phone gets lost or stolen, then it can be a sad experience for you. Especially if the SIM card is your primary number, then the possibility of misuse of the SIM card also increases. The good thing is that you vodafone-idea number Can be blocked both online and offline. Along with this, you can also get a replacement SIM if you want. Let us tell you how sitting at home block vi sim online can do.

In this article:

How to block Vi SIM online

This is an easy way to block the SIM of a mobile with Vi SIM after it is stolen or lost. However, for this you will need an alternative mobile number or email ID linked to your Vi number. To block Vi SIM online, follow the steps given below:
Vi sim card block

step 1: For this you need to visit the official Vi SIM block page ( will go on.
Step-2: then yours vi number Enter which you block Want to do.
Step-3: to block sim gate otp Click on the button.
Step-4: Given during purchase of Vi SIM alternative mobile number Or email id But OTP will come. If you do not receive OTP, Resend OTP Click on the button.
Step-5: after this four digits the one otp Enter the.
Step-6: Now confirmed Click on. After this your Vi number block It is done.

Let us tell you that when you block Vi number online, you will get a message with the reference number. The reference number can be used for duplicate SIM within 30 days for prepaid users and within 90 days for postpaid users.

How to block Vi SIM with the help of Vi Store

Vi users can also visit their nearest Vi store to get their lost SIM blocked. The advantage of visiting Vi Store is that you can also choose a duplicate SIM card of the same number. To block your Vi SIM through Vi Store, follow the steps given below:

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step 1: nearest to you vi store Go to.
Step-2: over here executive For OTP verification from you alternative mobile number Or E-mail Will ask.
Step-3: Your lost after OTP verification sim card block Will be done.
Step-4: Then you can buy a new one with the same number vi sim card Can take. Then you can activate your new SIM card.

How to block Vi SIM with customer care number

Vi SIM card can also be blocked through customer care. However, for this you will need some other Vi number. If there is any Vi number in your neighborhood, then you can block the SIM card with the help of the steps given below?

step 1: First of all you have to contact any other Vi number. 199 But dial Will have to do. then your Language Select .
Step-2: after this voice overs follow directions.
Step-3: Customer Care Press the appropriate number to talk to.
Step-4: your lost block vi sim Ask the customer care executive to do it.
Step-5: from you Alternate Number Or E-mail address and sent to otp Will be asked for.
Step-6: now you otp must be provided, after which your vi sim block Will be done.

How to get Vi replacement SIM?

If you block Vi SIM through Vi Store, you can get duplicate SIM immediately. However, those who block their number online or through customer care have to visit the nearest store to get a replacement SIM. Keep in mind that prepaid users have 30 days to get a new replacement SIM and postpaid users have 90 days to get a replacement SIM. Follow the steps given below to get Vi replacement SIM:

after airtel india vodafone idea vi discontinues rs 49 prepaid plan

step 1: Official Vi Store Locator to find the nearest store ( go to.
Step-2: then your Nearest Vi Store Visit at.
Step-3: You have to request the executive to unblock your Vi SIM and issue a new SIM.
Step-4: Executive will ask you for OTP verification alternative mobile number Or E-mail Will ask.
Step-5: After OTP verification identity proof You will be asked to submit.
Step-6: once your identity verified Once it is done, you will get your new vi sim card Will be handed over.
Step-7: for new sim tele verification Complete. Now you can use your new Vi SIM with the same number.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

My handset is lost and services are also blocked. Now I’ve got my handset, how do I unblock my number?

Since your SIM has been locked due to loss of SIM, please get your SIM replaced to avoid any financial or social fraud.

What will happen to my contact numbers, VAS services and recharge?

Contacts stored in the handset or SIM card will not be transferred after SIM replacement is complete. However, you will get active VAS and recharge, data balance in the new SIM card.

How long will my number remain blocked?

Your number will be locked for a maximum of 30 days for prepaid and 90 days for postpaid. Before this, change your SIM card.

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