How old is your smartphone? Find out like this (6 ways)

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Whether you’re looking for a second-hand phone or considering selling your old device. This article will be useful to you in both the cases. Today we will tell you how to find out that you how old is the smartphone Is. Further we are going to give information about 6 easy ways to check this. Users can check packaging, use third party apps and input manufacturing codes. You can see how old the phone is.

In this article:

Check the age of a mobile phone from its retail box

Our The most convenient way to know the age of a mobile phone is to check its retail box. Is. of mobile phone Manufacturing date is written on the back of the retail boxwhich gives you an idea that your how old is the phone,

If you cannot find the mobile phone box then you can do this by using other methods mentioned below.

Check mobile phone age through settings

step 1- Our Go to Settings app on the phone and then About phone section Go to.

Step 2- Manufacturing date or something similar might be written there. Since Different skins are designed in different ways Is So you have to find it for your device.

Check mobile phone age using order page on e-commerce websites

step 1- If you have used your mobile phone E-commerce platforms like Flipkart and Amazon If purchased from, then go ahead and Log in to your account and go to the Orders section got into.

Step 2- Now Go to the list and check the date of delivery of your phone. Find with. This will let you know how old your phone is from the day you got it for the first time.

Check mobile phone age using third-party apps

step 1- if you have Android mobile phone yes, that’s it Google Play Store go to and call app called info download.

Step 2- Open the app and go to the device section and here you first scene section meetsing that will tell that your When was the device manufactured?

Check mobile phone age using manufacturing code

If you are still not able to recover data related to the age of your mobile phone, try entering the codes below from the dialer to open a service menu that can be navigated to find the manufacturing date of the device .

  1. *#197328640#*
  2. *#*#197328640#*#*
  3. *#0000#

Keep in mind that this method may not work for every mobile phone

Check mobile phone age through Google

If you are unable to get any information about the actual age of your mobile phone, you can simply Google search Can take help. At the very least, you Official launch date of your handset Then you will definitely get it.

Alternatively, you can also visit smartphone websites like 91mobiles or GSMArena specifically to check the launch date of your smartphone.

Questions and Answers (FAQ)

How can I check when my phone was first activated?

There is no obvious way to find out the date your device was activated in both Android mobile phones and iPhones. However, if you’ve never reset or removed your Google Account or Apple ID from your phone, it shows when you first signed in (for Android) and when you last reset it (for iPhone). For).

On Android, go to Settings > Manage Google Account > Security to Google section > Tap your device to see the first sign-in date. As for iPhones, launch Settings and go to Cellular to check the last reset date. If you’ve never performed a reset, the date shows when the iPhone was activated.

Can I know the age of my iPhone using its IMEI number?

However, there is no official way to check the age of your iPhone using the IMEI number. But, you can visit third-party websites like IMEI Info to get information like manufacturing date.


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