Gold price in India today, Gold rate (2nd Nov 2023)

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gold price

If you want to invest in gold or buy gold jewelery for personal use, then before purchasing, check the gold rate (gold price) Would definitely like to know. In this article, we have discussed today’s 24 carat and 22 carat gold rates in major cities of the country including Delhi. (Gold Price) Information has been given. Today, November 02, 2023 in india 24 carat gold price 61,012 Rs per 10 grams right there 22 carat gold rate 55,887 Is Rs.

In this article:

Gold price in India (02 November)2023,

In major cities of the country Gold rate today (10 grams) What is there, you can see in the box below:

names of cities 24 carat rate

22 carat rate

Delhi ₹62,049 ₹56,837
mumbai ₹62,964 ₹57,675
Bangalore ₹62,415 ₹57,172
Chennai ₹62,293 ₹57,061
Kolkata ₹61,927 ₹56,725
Hyderabad ₹62,171 ₹56,949
Pune ₹62,293 ₹57,061
Ahmedabad ₹62,659 ₹57,396
Lucknow ₹61,317 ₹56,166
Jaipur ₹61,683 ₹56,502
Patna ₹61,805 ₹56,614
Chandigarh ₹61,561 ₹56,390
Surat ₹62,598 ₹57,340

Price of 24 carat gold in the last 10 days in the country

The price of 24 carat gold (10 grams) in the country in the last 10 days has been like this. You can see it in the box below…

date 24 carat rate
1st Nov ₹61,012
31st Oct ₹61,370
30th Oct ₹61,238
29th Oct ₹60,825
28th Oct ₹60,825
27th Oct ₹60,825
26th Oct ₹60,984
25th Oct ₹60,564
24th Oct ₹60,698
23rd Oct ₹60,698
22nd Oct ₹60,693

22 carat gold price in the country in the last 10 days

The price of 22 carat gold (10 grams) in the country in the last 10 days has been like this. You can see it in the box given below…

date 22 carat rate
1st Nov ₹55,887
31st oct ₹56,215
30th oct ₹56,094
29th oct ₹55,716
28th oct ₹55,716
27th oct ₹55,716
26th oct ₹55,861
25th oct ₹55,477
24th oct ₹55,600
23rd Oct ₹55,600
22nd Oct ₹55,595

Know today’s gold price through these apps

You can also get daily gold price updates with the help of the app. For this India Daily Gold Silver Price, Gold Live! Apps like Gold Price, Silver, Daily Silver Gold Price India, India Daily Gold Price, India Gold Silver Rate Today can be called quite good.

Difference between 24 karat, 22 karat and 18 karat gold

While buying gold, people often ask how many carats it is? You do not need to be confused about carat. In simple words, more carat indicates the purity of gold. That means, the higher the carat, the purer the gold and the lower the carat, the lower the purity. Generally, 18 and 22 carat gold is used in the market for jewelery whereas 24 carat gold is more popular in investment. Let us know what is the difference between them?

24 carat gold

  • 24 carat Sleep 99.9% purity It reflects.
  • 24 carat gold with a special yellow color is very soft.
  • It becomes difficult to mold it into jewellery. For this reason 24 carat gold is used for investment.
  • Most coins and gold bars are 24 karat gold.

22 carat gold

  • 22 carat Sleep Pure up to 91.7 percent It is believed.
  • About 9 percent of it is made up of other metals. Other metals like zinc and copper are added to it.
  • This gold becomes hard due to mixing of other metals.
  • 22 carat gold is more durable than 24 carat gold.
  • 22 carat gold is considered a more ideal choice for jewellery.

18 karat gold

  • in 18 carat gold 75% gold and 25% other metals These include copper, brass, bronze and other alloys.
  • Generally 18 carat gold is used in making stone studded and diamond jewellery. It is more economical than 24 carat and 22 carat gold.

However, you will also find 12 carat and 10 carat gold jewelery in the market. These contain less amount of gold and are also more economical.

How to check purity of gold?

Before investing in gold, keep hallmarking in mind. Through this, real or fake gold can be identified immediately. For this it is important to know about hallmarking:

  • If the gold is of 22 carats, then there 22K916 Must have written.
  • Similarly if on Hallmark 999 If it is written then it means that gold 99.9% pure Is.
  • 917 means that 91.7%, 833 is 83.3%, 750 is 75.0%, 583 is 58.3%, 417 is 41.7% pure gold.
  • If the hallmark of gold is 375, then it 37.5 percent pure gold Is.

The government has issued new guidelines for shopkeepers selling gold. According to this new guideline, shopkeepers without HUID i.e. Hallmark Unique Identification Number Cannot sell gold. HUID is a six digit number which is in the form of alphanumeric code. Let us tell you that HUID tag on gold jewelery is given by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). This tag assures the purity of gold. Although earlier it used to be a tag of four numbers. Later tags of 4 and 6 numbers started being used. Now from April 1, 2023 HUID tag of only 6 digits is being used.

Types of Gold Investment – ​​Which one is better and why?

If you want to invest in gold, then you can invest in it in five ways:

Gold Investment

Buying Physical Gold

  • You can invest in gold through physical gold. You can buy it by going to any jewelery shop.
  • The government has set the rules for hallmarking the purity of gold. Most of the people in the country prefer to buy physical gold.
  • If you buy physical gold, there is a possibility of good returns in the future. But there is a limit to keeping physical gold also.

Digital Gold

  • If you want, you can also invest in digital gold instead of physical gold.
  • Digital gold in India is offered by MMTC-PAMP, Augmont and SafeGold. It can also be purchased from mobile e-wallet, broking firms and financial institutions.
  • If you want, you can buy 1 gram worth of digital gold and sell it at any time. Can even opt for physical delivery.

Gold ETFs

  • Gold exchange traded funds are traded like shares on a stock exchange. Since gold ETFs are listed and traded on stock exchanges, investments in gold ETFs are considered safe.
  • You can buy and sell units of Gold ETF on the stock exchange on the same day or any other day. A demat (dematerialized) account is required to invest in gold ETFs.
  • If you invest in gold ETF, there is no need to store it. Even compared to physical gold, it comes in the category of a very safe investment.

Gold Mutual Funds

  • These mutual funds are managed by various asset management companies (AMCs). Gold mutual funds invest in units offered by gold ETFs.
  • Since it is held in the form of physical gold, its value directly depends on the price of gold. It works just like any other mutual fund.
  • It is a safe option to invest in gold. Gold mutual funds are open-ended investment products that invest in gold exchange traded funds (Gold ETFs) and their net asset value (NAV) is linked to the performance of the ETFs.

Sovereign Gold Bonds

  • Sovereign gold bonds are issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) from time to time. It can be purchased through major public and private sector banks.
  • Its returns are measured by the price of gold. This is guaranteed by the Government of India. They don’t actually have physical gold as an underlying asset.
  • In Sovereign Gold Bond, investors get that day’s price of gold and periodic interest at the time of maturity.
  • The price of Sovereign Gold Bonds is linked to the price of 999 purity gold and are tradable on exchanges.


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