Life after clearing SSC CGL exam

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Life after clearing SSC CGL exam

LIFE After Clearing SSC CGL Exam 2023: Staff Selection Commission (SSC) conducts CGL examination every year to appoint graduates for various government roles in Grade-'B' and 'C'. SSC CGL is the second most popular examination after UPSC across the country, which recruits a large number of employees and officers. Thousands of young graduates apply for SSC CGL with the dream of getting a government job with good salary. If you are one of those who are wondering what life will be like after clearing the SSC CGL exam, let us give you an insight into the experiences of the candidates.

Life after clearing SSC CGL exam

Most of the candidates preparing for government jobs aspire to work in the prestigious SSC departments as an Officer, Auditor, Accountant but only a few of them are able to make it to the final list. According to the experience of students, their life changes a lot after clearing the exam. Come, let us know about it:

  • Stress-free life: After clearing the exam, students get the relief of getting appointed in a reputed government department. All worries go away as they now have a sustainable, secure government job that they have been wanting for years.
  • Parents proud: For many people, the most important thing is that their parents are proud of them. Clearing SSC CGL is a big deal for parents in India and they are most happy to hear the news of your selection.
  • Status and social respect: People in India demand government jobs because government jobs especially central government jobs offer an attractive salary, job stability and job security. Getting a government job is not an easy task, so when someone gets recruited in SSC CGL, everyone in the society starts respecting him because that person is a part of the decision making process of the government.
  • attractive salary: There is no doubt that the salary of central government employees is higher than others. SSC can also see the difference in freedom given to employees recruited through CGL.
  • Free time for yourself: NiOnce hired, SSC employees typically work 9 to 5, 5 days a week. Therefore, any person can easily give time to himself and his family.
  • Responsible Citizen: As a government employee, one comes to understand the responsibilities as they are now part of the government. Therefore, it makes him a responsible citizen.

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Allowances and facilities available to SSC CGL employees

All SSC CGL employees are entitled to many perks and facilities which makes their life easy and comfortable. SCC CGL employees
Following are the facilities available:

  • transportation allowance: All Central Government employees are entitled to transport allowance. The government provides transport allowances to employees regardless of the place where they are posted.
  • Benefits of LTC: Officers recruited through SSC CGL enjoy the benefit of LTC. It allows them to travel within or outside India after a certain period. It enables the employees to refresh their mind and break the monotony of their life.
  • Benefits of Gratuity: Gratuity is the benefit that is payable to employees who leave the organization. It is the amount paid by the employer to the employee for the services rendered to him in the organization during the period of his employment. An employee is eligible to claim gratuity benefits only after completing 5 years of his/her services in the same organization.
  • National Pension Benefits: Another advantage of joining government jobs is that employees are automatically enrolled for the National Pension Scheme. Employees are given a card to keep track of their pension. Under the National Pension Benefit Scheme, a certain percentage of the salary is deducted as contribution to the NPS account. The same amount is also contributed by the employer to the NPS account. When the employee retires, pension is paid from this fund only. Thus, by getting recruited through SSC CGL you will get the benefit of pension.
  • medical facilities: Once you join a government job, all your medical bills will be paid by the government. You become a member of medical care schemes launched by the government from time to time.
  • Paid Leave Benefits: This is one of the most common reasons why people prefer government jobs over private jobs, because in government jobs, paid leaves are given. Casual leave, special leave, medical leave, earned leave and many more leaves are given. There are even provisions where there is no deduction when you take leave without leave.

With all the above mentioned perks and benefits, life becomes comfortable and easy. If you are interested to enjoy such easy life then check SSC CGL Notification to apply.

SSC CGL Cut Off of last years

Various posts covered under SSC CGL exam

Performing well in SSC CGL exam is not an easy task but if you are able to perform well then you will get a better job. After clearing SSC CGL exam, there are many posts available for you. Following are some of them:

  1. Inspector (Central Excise): In this profile, you will have to handle tasks like sealing and monitoring products, identifying evasion of taxes, and others when you are in the field. However, when you are posted at the headquarters, you will have to do a lot of clerical work. Upon performing well in this job, you can apply for promotion to the following posts if you meet other eligibility criteria:
    1. Excise Inspector
    2. assistant Commissioner
    3. Joint Commissioner
    4. Additional Commissioner of Income Tax
    5. Appraiser/Superintendent and Deputy Commissioner
  1. Tax Assistant (Central Board of Excise and Customs): After clearing SSC CGL, you can get the post of Tax Assistant in Central Bureau of Excise and Customs, which has limited power. The tax assistant is responsible for writing and sending the reports.
  2. Tax Assistant (Central Board of Direct Taxes): Many tasks including tax assessment, clerical work are done by Tax Assistant. In this profile, there are more chances of promotion to the following posts:
    1. Deputy commissioner
    2. Appraiser/Superintendent
    3. Additional Commissioner of Income Tax
    4. Joint Commissioner
    5. assistant Commissioner
  1. Income Tax Inspector (Central Board of Direct Taxes): In this profile, you will either have to do clerical work or assess the income tax of the company.
  2. Inspector (Examiner) (Central Board of Excise and Customs): In SSC CGL, there are limited vacancies for this post. In this profile, you will be responsible for verifying the taxes levied on products passing through various ports.

We hope that the article has answered all the questions you were looking for about the life of SSC employees. It's time to work hard and do whatever it takes to reach your goals. You can get all these benefits if you work hard to crack the exam. Our best wishes..

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