Are all family members getting government jobs? See complete information here

The video of One Family One Job Scheme is going viral on social media i.e. YouTube. It has been claimed in this video that Modi government has brought this scheme to get rid of unemployment.

In such a situation, people who are unemployed are indiscriminately sharing this video with others, but let us tell you that this video is completely fake. Let us tell you that when PIB fact checked this video, its entire truth came out openly.

So after all, you must know what is the whole truth of this viral video. In today's post we will tell you what is the reality of One Family One Job Scheme. Therefore, if you have also fallen prey to this video, then read this article till the end.

One Family One Job Scheme

Unemployment in our country is a problem due to which lakhs and crores of people are troubled. This is the biggest challenge especially for the youth because only the educated youth are facing it the most. In such a situation, seeing the need and situation of the people, fraud people take advantage of it.

Actually, the cases of online fraud are increasing a lot, one of which is One Family One Job Scheme. For your information, let us tell you that this video is spreading very fast on social media because it claims that Modi government is giving job to one member of every family.

Truth of One Family One Job Scheme

The video of one family one job scheme going viral on social media is completely fake. Therefore, you should avoid such videos yourself and stop other people from doing so. If you share such fraud videos with others then they may get cheated.

Therefore, if you come across such a message, you should not believe it blindly. It is important that first you try to know its complete truth. Although it is true that the problem of unemployment is increasing in our country, it does not mean that you should believe any false post.

What did PIB find after fact checking?

When PIB saw that viral messages and YouTube videos were being spread among a large number of people on social media, then it was decided to fact check them. So when I fact-checked it, I told its truth to everyone. For information, let us tell you that PIB has tweeted about this on its official Twitter account.

In the tweet, PIB has said that these days the video which is going viral on YouTube in which it has been claimed that the government of the country will provide a government job to one member of every household through the One Family One Job Scheme. So this claim is absolutely false and fake. In fact, the Central Government has neither launched any such scheme nor made any announcement regarding it. Therefore, people should not share any such message with others at all.

Always cross check viral messages

PIB has brought before the people the truth of One Family One Job Scheme. PIB has asked all the people of the country to be cautious and when you come across any fake message, do not trust it immediately. Before sending any message forward, try to cross-check it once to know its authenticity.

Never share your personal information like your Aadhar card details, PAN card details, bank account details with such people. ‌When you come to know about the launch of any government scheme, you must verify it once.‌ For this you can go to the official website of the scheme or get information from the official website of the Central Government or social media platform. Can get it.

One Family One Job scheme has no reality and is a fake message. Therefore, we would like to ask you to protect yourself from such fraudsters and keep others safe as well. Even today, there are many people in our country who are very simple and are facing financial crisis. In such a situation, when such a plan comes in front of these people, they believe in it without knowing its truth. Due to which many times people get cheated.

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