SBI Clerk English Preparation Strategy For Prelims Exam: Make strategy like this to crack the English section of SBI Clerk Prelims Exam.

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SBI Clerk English Preparation Strategy For Prelims Exam

SBI Clerk is a highly competitive exam as lakhs of candidates appear for this exam every year. English Language, which is the section which troubles most of the candidates, questions of 30 marks are asked in the preliminary examination and questions of 40 marks are asked in the main examination. The topics from which questions are asked in SBI Clerk English Section are Reading Comprehension, Cloze Test, Error Detection, Para-Jumble Etcetera. Keep reading this article to know how to tackle various topics in the English Language section of SBI Clerk exam.

Preparation Strategy for English Subject for SBI Clerk Prelims Exam (SBI Clerk English Preparation Strategy For Prelims Exam)

Here we have given topic wise tips for better preparation of English Language in SBI Clerk.

Reading Comprehension

  • If you want to score good marks in SBI Clerk English section, reading plays a very important role.
  • Reading Comprehension is given by the examiner to assess the ability of the candidates to see how well they understand the passage.
  • Reading Comprehension is given to test how a candidate analyzes the problem in the right perspective.
  • In this, the examiner will not ask direct questions so candidates will need to understand the true essence of the comprehension.

Tips to solve Reading Comprehension in SBI clerk exam (Tips to solve RC in SBI clerk exam)

(i) In this subject always try to solve antonyms and synonyms based questions first. The questions can be solved by seeing how the word is used in the sentence. Since a word can have multiple meanings, and there can be more than one option that gives the correct answer but only one option will be appropriate for the word in a particular context.

(ii) Read the paragraph quickly to understand what the author is saying and also note which sections of the passage talk about which ideas. This will help you find the answers quickly after reading the questions.

(iii) Time-Saving Strategy: Do not attempt a question which is difficult to understand, or the answer to which cannot be easily found in the passage.

(iv) Never assume an answer or use any outside knowledge.

(v) Try to eliminate less possible answers to reach the most probable answer.

Error Detection

You have to find the grammatical error in the sentence. Generally a set of five questions are asked in SBI Clerk Prelims Exam. These types of questions require good grammatical understanding.

Tips to solve Error detection in SBI clerk exam –

(i) To solve error detection questions, the first step you should take is to read the entire sentence carefully. In most questions, you will be able to detect the error on the first try.

(ii) While reading the whole sentence, you should check the subject-verb agreement carefully.

(iii) If you still cannot find the error or you are still unsure about the correct answer, you should read each part of the sentence and check closely which part contains the error.

Cloze Test

Usually a set of 5 questions from this topic are asked in SBI Clerk Prelims Exam

Tips to solve Cloze Test in SBI clerk exam –

(i) Most of the sentences in a passage are logically related to each other. These arguments will give you an idea about the appropriate word for the blank.

(ii) Sometimes you find the right answer easily. If the answer is not easily found, eliminate the impossible options one by one and the correct answer will be found.

(iii) Find the logical relationship between all the given options.


In this exam 4 to 5 sentences will be given in jumbled form and we will have to rearrange them to get a meaningful paragraph.

Tips to solve Para jumbles in SBI clerk exam –

(i) Try to understand the basic idea of ​​the given passage. This will help you organize sentences quickly. All you have to do is identify the logical relationship between sentences.

(ii) Generally, the information given in disorganized sentences changes from general to specific. If you pay attention, you can see that the first few sentences are general while the sentences that follow are fact-specific and informative.

(iii) Sometimes, a good knowledge of option analysis helps to rule out possible answers from the given options. This trick will save you a lot of time.

(iv) The trick is to quickly find the first sentence as it will give us a linear direction with respect to the given sentence/words.

(v) Similarly, guessing the last sentence will give you both ends of the linear connecting idea.

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