International Students Day 2023, know its theme and importance

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International Students Day 2023: International Student Day is celebrated every year on 17 November, honoring the courageous actions of a student who challenged the Nazi occupation. These students fought bravely for their access to higher education and the respect of Prague. In 1941, November 17 was designated as International Students’ Day to pay tribute to the bravery and resilience of students. The upcoming International Students Day 2023 will especially honor the memory of all those students of the University of Prague who challenged their rights to education and freedom. Check out the following article to find out the significance and theme of International Students Day 2023.

Why is International Students Day celebrated?

Each year, International Students’ Day, especially in 2023, remembers the more than 12,000 Prague University students who tragically died during World War II. His tragic demise stands as a poignant reminder, leading to the celebration of International Students Day 2023 in his honour. The day serves as a platform to shed light on our current era and the contemporary challenges faced by students across the world.

Theme of International Students Day 2023

The theme of International Students Day 2023 has not been announced yet. However, the theme will revolve around diversity, unity, and the power of the global student community. The purpose of this day is to increase awareness about education among students. Even in India, students celebrate International Students Day and work towards the improvement of education.

Importance of International Students Day

International Students Day has its unique significance in India also. It serves as a poignant reminder of the intrinsic value of education within the current generation. The day symbolizes the active stance of students in claiming their rights and demonstrating the courage to protect their integrity and honor. International Students Day 2023 sees many universities organize events advocating access to education for all while promoting multiculturalism. It is a day where students from diverse backgrounds come together, share opinions and showcase global music and art, promoting a rich exchange of ideas and cultures.

History of International Students Day 2023

Upon Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, the Third Reich expanded its territorial claims beyond Germany. Subsequently, in 1938, the Nazis occupied Austria, Hitler’s birthplace, and later forced Czechoslovakia to give up a portion of its lands. In 1939, students of the Medical Faculty of Charles University in Prague began a protest commemorating the formation of an autonomous Czechoslovak Republic. Unfortunately, the demonstration turned into violence and was forcefully suppressed by the Nazis, resulting in the tragic death of a student named Jan Opletl.

Below is a list of the nine teachers and students who were hanged in Prague on 17 November 1939:

  • Ruzyne
  • Safranek
  • Vaclav
  • Bedrich Koukala
  • Marek Frauwirt
  • Josef Matoušek
  • Jaroslav Klíma
  • Jan Weinert
  • Josef Adamec
  • Jan Cherny
  • František Skorkovský

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