What Is Psychometric Test in SBI PO?: Know what is Psychometric Test of SBI PO? And how to be prepared for this

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As you all know SBI PO Mains Result 2024 has been released on 11 January 2024 on the official website of SBI @ sbi.co.in. Candidates who have cleared SBI PO Mains and reached the next stage will have to be prepared for the psychometric test. Candidates will now have to undergo personal interview as well as psychometric test. Psychometric testing is a common practice in the private sector and many large multinational companies use this test to select suitable candidates. With the inclusion of this test in the SBI PO interview stage, it is expected that it will become more objective for the examiners to select candidates who have the right aptitude for banking. Today here we will discuss what is SBI PO Psychometric Test? Like will answer all your questions.

Psychometric Test: Introduction

According to the standard definition, psychometric testing is a standardized way of evaluating a person's psychological traits, including abilities, skills, personality, and intelligence.) The purpose of this test is to evaluate certain specific qualities in a person's personality that make him/her suitable for a job. Make it more suitable for. In particular it looks at the cognitive, behavioral or emotional characteristics of the candidates.

There can be many types of psychometric tests. These tests use various tools to bring out the in-depth and correct perspective of the candidates such as:

  1. Multiple-choice questionnaires
  2. Situation Reaction Test
  3. Performance Task

and many more. These tests are conducted on time basis to understand the real personality and actual reactions of the candidates.

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What Is Psychometric Test In SBI PO?

SBI is more likely to conduct a psychometric test based on a variety of questions to get a clear idea about the personality and cognitive skills of the candidates. The responses of the candidates and their statistical analysis can be helpful for the examiners in reaching the right group of candidates for banking. There are various traits that can be most commonly seen in Psychometric Test in SBI PO and they are:

  • Effective Intelligence: How a candidate reacts to difficult and complex situations and how easily he is able to solve problems.
  • Rational Thinking: Whether a candidate is rational and practical in his approach or not.
  • Social Adaptability: How easily can a candidate integrate with the team? And whether he is a good team player or not.
  • Responsibility Quotient: If a candidate will be able to handle the responsibility that comes with higher grades in banking.
  • Emotional Intelligence: How stable is the candidate in controlling his own emotions as well as understanding the emotions of others?
  • Attitude: Positive and problem-solving attitude rather than negative.
  • Ethical Quotient of candidates: How they deal with situations that may create ethical problems.

How Important Is Psychometric Test In SBI PO?

Candidates should note that Psychometric Test in SBI PO is one of the tests conducted in the third stage of SBI PO exam. Although this is important and is in accordance with the norms of modern recruitment practices, it is only helpful in knowing the approximate suitability of the candidates. Other rounds like group discussion and interview will also be conducted for all the candidates.

How To Prepare For Psychometric Test In SBI PO?

There is a high possibility that the findings of these tests will be placed before the interview panel. You can also try to evaluate the candidates based on these results through specific questions and situation response tests. Therefore candidates should not ignore this examination. You can prepare for these exams by following the simple tips given below.

  1. Try a simple Psychometric Test online.
  2. Analyze your results and look for shortcomings.
  3. Practice regularly.
  4. Incorporate yoga and physical exercise for calmness.


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