Daily Vocabulary Words 08 December 2023: Improve Your Vocabulary with Antonyms-Synonyms

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Daily Vocabulary Words 2023

For most banking aspirants, vocabulary is a nightmare, but it carries a great amount of importance in every competitive exam. It is very important to have a good hold on the vocabulary to increase efficiency in the language section and also to increase your overall scores. That is why Adda247 has started a new initiative to improve the vocabulary of the aspirants with Visual vocabulary words and their meanings.

Vocabulary Words With Antonyms & Synonyms

1. Outliers (noun)
Meaning; A person or thing situated away from the main body or outside its proper place.

Synonyms: different, unlike
Antonyms: same, alike

2. Spawn(verb)
Meaning; To generate, bring into being

Synonyms: originate, initiate
Antonyms: finish, complete

3. Shun (verb)
Meaning; To avoid, especially persistently.

Synonyms: avoid, ignore
Antonyms: welcome, care

4. Evangelize (verb)

Meaning; To preach any ideology to those who have not yet been converted to it.

Synonyms: preach, lecture
Antonyms: endure, dissuade

5. Grip (verb)
Meaning; To pinch; to distress

Synonyms: torture, grumble
Antonyms: cheer, delight

6. Circumvent (verb)
Meaning; to avoid

Synonyms:evade, escape
Antonyms: encounter

7. Nibble (verb)
Meaning; To eat with small, quick bites.

Synonyms: bites
Antonyms: leave

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Importance of Vocabulary Words in the English Language

  • The reading comprehension on which 50% of the English language section questions are based requires the candidate to have good reading skills and requires a good hold of the English vocabulary. A good vocabulary will give the candidates a better understanding of comprehension which will benefit them in scoring maximum marks.
  • A good vocabulary also helps a candidate to crack the interview round of the banking exams. The candidate can form a sentence perfectly if he/she has a good vocabulary.
  • Apart from the reading comprehension section, there are multiple English tests where vocabulary can be used.

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