Know How to Score 40+ Marks in Mathematics Section of SSC CGL Tier-1 Exam

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How to score 40+ marks in Quant section of SSC CGL Tier-1 exam: SSC CGL is at your doorstep and all you candidates would know how important it is to score high marks in Tier-1 to move ahead in the packing order of the selection list. Scoring good marks in Tier-1 also gives an edge over other students in the Tier-2 exam. Mathematical aptitude is a very important scoring section and hence it is important to score good marks in the mathematics section. Candidates appearing for SSC CGL Tier 1 examination for which online applications will start from 11th June 2024 to 10th July 2024. Keeping this in mind SSCADDA is providing some valuable tips that will help you score 40+ marks in Quant section of SSC CGL Tier 1 exam.

Mathematics questions asked in previous years exam in SSC CGL Tier 1:-

To score high marks, first of all, you have to look for the topics with the highest number of questions and then start working on them. It is important to note that accuracy and time management are important factors to score well. Now, let us check the strategy to be followed to prepare for Quant section on topic-wise basis.

1. Geometry / Mensuration

This is one of the most important topics to consider in SSC CGL Tier 1 as over the years SSC has increased the number of questions asked from this topic. Its difficulty level is also increasing.

for geometry, you need to remember all the important theorems, Pythagorean triples, all formulas for area of ​​a triangle and circle. To get quick answers, all the data should be on the tongue. A thorough understanding of the basics is the key to scoring well in this section.

2. Algebra / Trigonometry / Height and Distance

algebra Contains basic formulas of cube, square and trigonometric ratios and its identities. Questions from this section may be repeated for which you will have to practice previous year's question papers. 2-3 questions will be asked from Algebra. Make sure to solve these questions in minimum time. If you don't find any way to solve them then try to solve some questions from the given options. Know all trigonometric identities useful for exams. Overall 5-6 questions can be asked from Algebra, Trigonometry and Height and Distance.

3. Ratio/Percentage/Profit, Loss and Discount

The basic concepts of percentages and ratios are the foundation of chapters like Profit, Loss and Discount. To solve quickly, you need to remember all the fractional values ​​up to 30 in percentage terms. Profit, Loss, and Discount revolve around 4 terms that is- CP, SP, MP and Discount. Understand the concept of CP, SP, MP and discount given on MP and the relationship between them. Practice from books as much as possible. This will help you to solve questions quickly and accurately.

4. Time, Speed ​​and Distance / Train / Boat and Stream

The relationship between time, speed and distance can help you a lot. The concept of velocity will help you to solve questions related to trains, boats and streams. All these topics are based on the same concept. Gun and bullet questions, train accident questions, effect of increasing/decreasing speed on time, these questions are often asked in the exam. Altogether 3-4 questions can be asked from these topics.

5. Time and Work/ Pipe and Tank

Time and work questions can be solved with the help of LCM method which takes very less time while solving the questions. Alternate work, efficiency, and the concept of work and wages are important points to cover. Be sure to use your own tricks to solve these questions.

6. Data Interpretation

DI is considered an easy subject as compared to other topics in SSC CGL. Do not take any topic lightly as the exam can be full of surprises and anything can come so you have to be prepared in advance.

you do the best job You can start giving online mock exams twice a day and analyze your performance in-depth. In the remaining time, start solving previous years' questions. As you practice more, you will be able to solve questions at a better speed and this will definitely help in boosting your morale.

SSC CGL Tier 1: Previous Year Questions

For your convenience, we are providing the exact number of questions asked from the respective subjects in the previous year SSC CGL Tier 1 exam in the Quant section. The number of questions asked from different subjects remained almost the same, the only difference was the difficulty level of the questions. See the table below

Quantitative Aptitude Questions Asked in SSC CGL Tier 1 Exam 13th August 2021:

  1. Cot 25 Cot 35 Cot 45 Cot 55 Cot 65=?
  2. If x+y=4 , 1/x+1/y = 16/15 find x^3+y^3 = ?
  3. If x+1/x=4 then find x^5 + 1/ x^5 =?
  4. 676xy is divisible by 3,7,11, then 3x-5y=?
  5. If a rhombus has one side of 13, one diagonal is 24. Find the area of ​​rhombus?
  6. 8(x+y)^3 – 27 (xy) ^3 = (5y-x) ( Ax^2 + By^2 + Cxy). Find A+BC
  7. cosec a / (cosec a + 1) + cosec a/ (cosec a -1) – tan^2a =?
  8. If 15 articles were purchased for Rs. 140, then 10 articles were sold for Rs. 60, and 12 articles were sold for Rs.132. Calculate profit and loss.
  9. cosec a / (cosec a + 1) + cosec a/ (cosec a -1) – tan^2a =?
  10. if 2 cos^2a = 3 sin a then sec^2 a – tan ^2 a + cos ^2 a=?
  11. If an article is sold at Rs 176 after 12% discount. If no discount is given he makes a profit of 25%. So find CP?
  12. x+1/x =5 , then find (x^6-5x^3+1)/(x^6+7x^3-1)
  13. xy=11,1/x-1/y = 11/24, then x^3 – y^3=?

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