GK questions for government exam 2024

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general knowledge questions

GK is important for all competitive exams as it helps you to know about different subjects. Government examinations often include questions related to current events and developments at both the national and international levels. GK questions help evaluate a candidate's awareness of ongoing issues, trends and changes in society, governance and the world. If you want to score well in these exams, you must have a good understanding of GK. We can help you in GK preparation by providing detailed information on various GK topics.

Which subjects come under general knowledge?

Following topics in General Knowledge; Static GK of India includes Geography, History, Politics, Economy of India etc. Current GK includes current events and world GK. We have provided useful important topics for GK section which will cover all the questions from General Knowledge section asked in the exam.

Static GK

Static GK deals with complete information related to main topics. It includes the main topic and then sub-topics under it. The list of main topics under Static GK is given below.

Geography Indian Economy
Indian Polity Indian History, Indian Culture
Famous Books & Authors Indian Parliament
Environment Famous Days & Dates
Sports Art & Culture
Government Schemes Awards & Honors

How to prepare for Static GK?

To prepare for Static GK you should learn from a particular book and ensure that the facts given in the book are correct. Solve quizzes daily which will help you remember the topics. Improve your learning skills by revising the topics that bother you in quizzes.

Current GK

Current GK covers all the international and national current affairs news and should be thoroughly revised to score good marks in this section. As per the present scenario, a major part of the questions in the examination are related to current events. The list of topics asked in the exam related to Current GK is given below.

International Current Affairs National Affairs (ie, Indian Affairs)
Military Exercises Latest Events/Festivals
Awards and Honors Summits & Conferences
Sports Current Affairs Latest Appointments
Schemes and Committees Ranks & Reports
Books & Authors Defense News
Banking Current GK Economy Latest Updates
Latest Agreements Latest Obituaries
Science & Technology News State News

How to prepare current GK?

Revise current affairs daily and stay updated with the news. Answering current GK questions can be complicated as they can be asked from any subject. You may not be able to revise all the current affairs as the section is huge. Try to read daily current affairs and then solve questions based on that.

How to prepare World GK?

World GK contains information about countries around the world. You do not need to include all information about countries. Make sure you revise important countries that have been in the news recently. Make notes on its static GK and distinctive features. Learn about countries Prime Minister, President, National Symbols, Important Places, Cities, Capital, Currency etc. Don't forget to cover neighboring countries.

Why is General Knowledge section important?

SSC GK Question: General Knowledge impacts and enhances the mental skills of a person. There is no harm in gaining knowledge. GK questions are asked in the exam to test your ability to remember and use it in the exam. To ensure that you do not lag behind in the subject, we will continue to provide you with important GK topics and questions.

gk notes

ssc ga questions are designed to test a student's knowledge and ability to perform well in examinations. General Knowledge topics are very broad considering the diverse knowledge required to pass the examinations. Know state wise and country wise details to expand your general knowledge. Expanding your knowledge will help you in giving correct and accurate answers in various competitive exams where general knowledge acts as a major hurdle. Accuracy is important to excel in any exam.

While attempting questions, do not guess wrong answers and try to solve questions that you are confident about. This post contains a collection of General Knowledge or SSC GK questions with GK notes and correct answers. Students who are having difficulty in remembering the General Knowledge part of the exam can learn here and reduce their difficulty level. The information given in this post is updated on time with special focus on exam-related topics.

Students should not stress themselves and should study properly from the above mentioned topics. We assure you that this post will help you to gain basic knowledge about General Awareness and General Knowledge topics.

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