WhatsApp Protect IP Address in Calls Will Hide Your IP Address Enhanced Privacy Heres How to Turn It On

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WhatsApp has added a new ‘Protect IP Address in Calls’ feature, which is designed to enhance users’ privacy while making and receiving calls on the messaging service. After selecting this option, your IP address will be hidden while making calls. WhatsApp will connect your call through the company’s servers instead of connecting directly to the other party and exposing your IP address. The messaging platform says the new setting is optional and designed for privacy-conscious users.

Meta’s engineers engineering blog But the new feature was explained in detail in a post. According to the blog, the new ‘Protect IP address in calls’ setting completely changes the way calls are connected between two users on WhatsApp. Like most apps that offer calling features, WhatsApp also offers peer-to-peer connectivity – this means both parties in a call can see each other’s IP addresses.

For peer-to-peer calls to work properly, the IP addresses of the connected parties in the call must be exposed, which are not visible to the callers but are known to their Internet service provider. This is a detail that some users may not want to share with unknown callers on the platform.

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To protect your IP address during calls, WhatsApp will relay all calls through the company’s servers instead of establishing a peer-to-peer connection, thereby hiding your IP address and maintaining your privacy. You will experience a slight reduction in call quality as the call will be routed through a server rather than a direct connection, but WhatsApp says these conversations will remain end-to-end encrypted so that only call participants can hear them.

How to activate ‘Protect IP address in calls’ feature on WhatsApp?

  • First of all, update the latest version of WhatsApp from App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Now go to ‘Settings’ of WhatsApp and tap on ‘Privacy’.
  • Now scroll down and tap on ‘Advanced’.
  • Here turn on the ‘Protect IP address in calls’ switch.

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