WhatsApp launched Channel a feature like Telegram everyone will be able to create followers

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WhatsApp has announced a new feature. Its name is- Channels. After reading this, did you not remember the ‘Channel’ feature of Telegram? WhatsApp Channels also appear to be similar. This will be a broadcast feature, with the help of which people or organizations will be able to deliver information to their followers and update them on their favorite topics. On Thursday, WhatsApp said that the channel feature is being launched in Colombia and Singapore. In the coming months, this facility will be brought to other countries including India.

What is WhatsApp channel?

According to WhatsApp, ‘Channels’ are a simple, reliable and private way to get important updates. ‘Channels’ are being moved to a new tab called ‘Updates’. In this tab, users will see the ‘status’ and ‘channels’ they are following.

What can you send on the channel?

WhatsApp has said that the channel is a tool which will have one-way communication. With its help, the administrator will be able to send text, photo, video, sticker and poll to his followers. WhatsApp is also creating a directory so that people can easily search their favorite channels on WhatsApp. Channels can also be connected through online links.

Private information of both admin and follower will be safe

WhatsApp has said that its aim is to make the ‘Channel’ feature the world’s most private broadcast service. The personal information of both admins and followers on the channel will remain safe. The channel administrator’s phone number and profile photo will not be visible to his followers. Similarly, if you follow any channel then the admin or other followers will not be able to see your phone number. Which channel to follow and which not to follow will completely depend on the wishes of the user.

Channel history will be saved for 30 days

WhatsApp will keep the history of every channel on its server for 30 days. Such methods will also be introduced so that its followers can remove the updates received on the channel from their devices as soon as possible. Admins will have the power to block screenshots and forward messages sent from their channel.

Any person can create a channel

WhatsApp has said that any person can create his own channel. Admin will be able to decide who can follow their channel. WhatsApp will also bring such a feature so that people can find channels related to their favorite topics when they search in the directory. WhatsApp has expressed hope that people will enjoy using the channel feature.

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WhatsApp Channel Join Now
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WhatsApp Channel Join Now

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