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WhatsApp Chat Lock: Another new feature has been announced on WhatsApp. Its name is- Chat Lock. With the help of the feature, users will be able to keep their private chats safe in a folder, which cannot be opened without the password. If you want to understand in simple words, now you will be able to see your personal chats i.e. conversations with any person or group in a separate folder on WhatsApp. Whenever you receive a message from that number or group, it will neither be visible in the preview nor will you know anything about it through notifications. Everything will be saved in your private folder, which no one else will be able to access without your consent.

One about the features blog post WhatsApp has said that this will be useful for those people who sometimes have to give their phone to their family members. The feature will be beneficial when your phone is in someone else’s hands and only then you receive a private message on the phone. According to WhatsApp, a chat can be locked by tapping on the name of any person or group and choosing the option to lock the chat. However, keep in mind that your WhatsApp should be running on the latest version.

Use ‘Chat Lock’ feature like this

  • The ‘Chat Lock’ feature works on both Android and iOS smartphones.
  • You will have to download the latest version of WhatsApp or upgrade the app.
  • Go to the personal chat or contact you want to lock. You can also lock WhatsApp group.
  • Click on the profile photo of the chat or WhatsApp group, you will see the option of chat lock.
  • Setup chat lock. Use your phone’s password or biometrics to log in
  • You will see locked chats in a separate folder on the home page of WhatsApp.
  • Chats can be opened by swiping down on the screen, tapping on the locked chat and entering the password.

Keep these things in mind

Calls coming from the personal number or group chats that you lock will not be locked. If your WhatsApp is linked on other devices, for example, on desktop, then chats will not be locked there. The user whose chats you lock will not know about it.

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