How to stop Spam Email in Gmail, this is the method

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Every day you would get some spam message in Gmail from any random ID. Apart from this, you may also be receiving newsletters and promotional emails from various brands to which you have never subscribed. Your precious time would be wasted in deleting such unwanted emails and spam messages. Therefore, here we are telling you how to stop such unwanted messages or emails, so that your precious time can be saved and the inbox of your Gmail account remains clean, and you can also stay safe from any kind of phishing attack.

Report spam and unsubscribe from spam emails

After logging in to Gmail, select all the spam emails you want to unsubscribe from.
After that click on the ‘i’ icon given at the top, after which you will see the option of Report spam or Report spam and unsubscribe.
Here, double-check the selected email ID and then select the Report spam and unsubscribe option. After enabling this, you will not receive emails from these accounts.

Apply filters to identify spam emails

Open your Gmail account and click on the search box given at the top. Type unsubscribe here to list all promotional emails.
Select all these spam emails, but do not contain any email or newsletter that is useful to you.
Now click on the three dots above and select Filter messages like these.
Now click on the Create Filter option and select whatever you want to do with these spam emails. For example, if you want such emails to be automatically deleted, you can click on Create a filter and select the Delete option.
Now you will get a popup stating that the filter has been created. Apart from deleting, you can also apply labels to such emails.

Use a temporary email ID

When you share your Gmail ID on different sites, this ID goes to many types of third parties. In such a situation, the risk of receiving many types of spam emails increases. Sometimes these spams seem quite valid and you may get caught in a phishing attack.
In such a situation, instead of giving your primary Gmail ID, you can give a temporary ID.
Websites like provide you with free temporary IDs. You can use a temporary ID from any such site.
This way you can keep your primary Gmail account secure and spam free.

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