How to Set UPI PIN Without Debit Card on Google Pay company says Aadhaar Based Authentication required

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Now UPI PIN can be set even without a debit card. Support for Aadhaar-based authentication is being started to activate UPI on Google Pay. The company announced this on Wednesday. Any user who wants to register for UPI on Google Pay using their Aadhaar number must ensure that they sign up with the same number which is registered with UIDAI and their bank. The company has clarified that it does not store people’s Aadhaar numbers as part of the verification process.

First 6 digits of Aadhaar number will have to be given

Google has said that the new Aadhaar based system has been designed to authenticate users, so that people can sign up for UPI without a debit card. To start authentication, users will have to provide the first 6 digits of their Aadhaar number. The company says that these numbers are sent to UIDAI through National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI).

It is necessary to link bank account and Aadhaar number.

NPCI website tells Currently, 22 banks support authentication of users through Aadhaar. Google says it expects more banks to add this support ‘very soon’. While activating UPI through Aadhaar, users will have to ensure that their bank account and Aadhaar number are linked.


Google said- do not store Aadhaar number

To register for UPI on Google Pay, users need to use the same number that is registered with their bank and UIDAI. This number should be common. Google has said that users’ Aadhaar numbers are shared only with NPCI. The company does not store them.

Setup will be completed after entering OTP

After sharing the mobile number and first 6 digits of Aadhaar number, users will get a one-time password (OTP) from their bank and UIDAI. After entering those OTPs the authentication process will be completed. After this, users will be able to set their UPI PIN and then send and receive money through Google Pay.

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