How to get rid of notifications without deleting WhatsApp

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WhatsApp is probably your favorite app for instant messaging, but sometimes texting on the app can become overwhelming, so much so that you might want to take a break from it. However, it is not easy to ignore the notification tone when it rings. For this you see the option to close your internet connection. But in this case, you run the risk of missing out on updates to other important apps like Gmail. In this article we will tell you how to turn off WhatsApp notifications completely without uninstalling the app.

There are some third party applications that can restrict internet access to certain apps like WhatsApp on your phone so that no notifications come from that particular app to distract you. For example, Google Digital Wellbeing allows users to control notifications from apps and helps them not use social media applications. But some users do not consider it to be a 100% effective method which will keep them away from using those apps. Some third party applications may also pose security risks and your data may be compromised.
Alternatively you can mute WhatsApp by changing your phone’s settings.

How to completely turn off WhatsApp notifications

Turn off all types of notifications in WhatsApp
First of all, disable notification alerts for WhatsApp.
For this you should see these settings-
WhatsApp > Settings > Notifications > In this, select ‘None’ in the notification tone menu for Messages.
Now turn off vibration, select “None” in the “Light” option and also turn off “Use high priority notifications”. These same steps apply in group settings as well.

Disable notifications from general Android Settings

Android also sends notifications for system apps. So to be completely cut off from WhatsApp, you have to turn off notifications. For that, do these steps – Settings > Apps and Notifications > Apps > Select WhatsApp > Notifications > Here turn off “All WhatsApp Notifications”.

Revoke Permissions and Disable Mobile Data Usage in Background

The third step is to further cripple the app.
For this, do these steps- Settings > Apps and Notifications > Apps > Select WhatsApp.
Here under Permissions revoke all the permissions that allow WhatsApp to access the camera, microphone and files on your smartphone. Tap on Mobile Data and disable background mobile data usage.

‘Force Stop’ WhatsApp

After revoking all permissions and disabling background mobile data usage, go to the previous screen and ‘Force Stop’ the app. By doing this the app will not work and you will not get any notification. However, if you need to check messages on the app, you can simply open WhatsApp on your device.

This way, you will be able to stay away from heavy texting on WhatsApp without deleting the app or turning off your internet connection. Additionally, you will be virtually ‘invisible’ to your contacts.

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