100 Spyware Infected Apps Giving Rewards Infected With SpinOK Spyware on Google Play Store Heres List

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Google reportedly has more than 100 such spyware-infected apps, which have been downloaded more than 40 crore times, which means that even today it is being used by millions and crores of people. These apps claim to give daily rewards based on spin wheel. A latest report says that a new malware is being distributed in the form of Software Development Kit (SDK) for advertisers, which has infected more than 100 apps.

One of the Bleeping Computer Android-apps-with-spyware-installed-421-million-times-from-google-play/” rel=”nofollow” target=”_blank”>Report According to, Dr. Web researchers found spyware named ‘SpinOK’ in more than 100 Android apps searched Which works to steal personal data stored on smartphones. What is more dangerous is that spyware is also capable of sending the stolen data to a remote server. This spyware is disguised as an SDK module and appears legitimate at first sight.

SpinOK spyware allegedly promises users daily rewards through minigames such as spin wheels. It extracts the data in the user’s phone as well as sensor data from the gyroscope and magnetometer and checks whether it is running on the phone or not.

Reports suggest that the spyware has infected more than 100 apps on the Google Play Store, which have been downloaded more than 400 million times in total. However, the report also suggests that many of these apps have already been removed from the Play Store, so if you have any of these apps on your smartphone, you should remove them immediately. You can see the top 10 most frequently downloaded apps below and the complete list. Here is present.

10 most downloaded infected apps

Noizz: video editor with music – 100 million downloads
Zapya – File Transfer, Share – 100 million downloads
MVBit – MV video status maker – 50 million downloads
Biugo – video maker&video editor – 50 million downloads
vFly: video editor&video maker – 50 million downloads
Cashzine – Earn money reward – 10 million downloads
Crazy Drop – 10 million downloads
Fizzo Novel – Reading Offline – 10 million downloads
Tick: watch to earn – 5 million downloads
CashEM: Get Rewards – 5 million downloads


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