Your convenience is paramount behind two new services of Uber India.

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Convenience is paramount. Cab service Uber is expanding its services in India with this purpose. The company believes that the journey should be pleasant for the rider, and for this all the necessary services will be provided. In recent times the company launched two new services in India. ‘Dial N Uber’ has been launched specifically for India, while the ‘Request a Ride for Others’ service, which has already been tried in some countries, has also been launched in the market.

‘Dial N Uber’ service has been started from Nagpur, Kochi, Guwahati and Jodhpur. The cities selected for this pilot project point towards the company’s changing strategy from ‘India to Bharat’. However, Uber does not believe so.

An Uber India spokesperson told us that no specific strategy has been adopted in the selection of cities. We have not thought about our new services city-wise. Our aim is to provide any new service to the customers. Whether the users are from big cities or small towns. The aim is that riders can use these services without any hassle.

To make its point, Uber also mentioned its new service ‘Book a Ride for Others’. A company representative told Tech News by Careers Ready, “Many times we install the Uber app on our parents’ phones but they hesitate to use it. In such a situation, the parents ask you to book the cab. Earlier too, we You used to be able to book a cab for someone else through your app. But the process is a little lengthy. Call the driver, tell them the location, and then call the family and give them the driver and cab number. Just a moment. If you think about it, using cab service along with this entire process becomes a problem. Keeping these things in mind, we decided to launch ‘Book a Ride for Others’ service.

How to use ‘Book a Ride for Others’ service
To use this feature, the user will have to install the latest Uber app on his smartphone. The pickup point can be setup by entering a PIN code, or the pickup location can be entered manually. After this the Uber user will have to tell who this ride is for. This information can be given by selecting the contact of the person using the vehicle from the phone book, or the work can be completed by typing the phone number. After this, Uber users can also decide the method of payment. The fare can be paid in cash by the person availing the ride, or by electronic means for Uber users.


The rider will receive two SMS after this. In one, all the details of the driver and his car will be available and in the other, the link to track the ride. On the other hand, the driver will get the rider’s phone number so that the pickup can be coordinated. Uber users can track their entire journey through the app.

The spokesperson said that for the purpose of convenience, the company has also started ‘Dial N Uber’ service. Many times it happens that you do not have the Uber app on your phone, or the internet connectivity in the area is not that good. In such a situation, a cab can be booked by visiting Uber’s website in the phone’s browser. Make it clear that dial n Uber service will also require internet. But the company feels that in general practice many users prefer to use the browser rather than the app.

How to use dial n uber


You need to go to in your mobile phone browser. Here you use your number to login or sign-up. After this you will know the price and estimated fare of the cab service. Now you can book a ride for yourself by tapping on it. After placing a request for a cab, the rider will be directly connected to the driver to coordinate the pickup point. After the journey is over, payment will have to be made in cash.

Let us tell you that currently only Uber Go cabs have been included in Dial N Uber. Regarding this, Uber said that this is a pilot project. It is currently limited to four cities and payment for travel is also possible only in cash. Being a pilot project, some facilities have been kept limited.

Regarding the future of Dial N Uber, the company said, ‘If this project becomes popular then the company will bring it to other cities in the future. Apart from this, other payment options will also be given. Bringing services like Uber X and Uber Prime will also be considered. But it will completely depend on the feedback from the user and the driver.

Now the question arises whether security was also an important reason behind starting a service like ‘Book a Ride for Others’? On this, Uber said that we have always given importance to the security and safety of the riders. But convenience was the primary reason behind this service. Well, in today’s scenario there is nothing wrong in taking safety precautions. The company always wants Uber to have complete details of the rider during the trip, so that there is no problem in providing help in case of emergency.

The interesting thing is that user feedback has played an important role in starting these services. And their future will also depend on the feedback.

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