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WhatsApp is India’s most popular messaging app. Today, this is the most important means of communication on smartphones. This app has many useful features due to which 20 crore users in India and 120 crore users around the world are able to use it easily. But not every user knows about these features. It is possible that you too are one of them. Don’t be a housewife! We will tell you about such features with the help of which chatting will become easier and more fun than before. Keep reading to know about 6 interesting features of WhatsApp.

1. Easy text format on WhatsApp
The facility to format text is also available on WhatsApp. If you want, you can bold, italicize and strikethrough any text. All this is possible through special characters.

Bold text: Place an asterisk sign in front of the text (*bold*)
Italicize: Places an underscore sign in front of the text (_italics_)
Strikethrough: Add tildes before and after text (~tilde~)

Well, this manual method was not very convenient. WhatsApp has removed this deficiency through the latest beta update. Users using version 2.12.535 or later of the WhatsApp Android beta app can select these formats by going to Settings.


2. Forwarding WhatsApp messages to multiple contacts at once
Earlier, WhatsApp had the facility to forward messages to only one contact at a time. However, since the end of last year, the company had provided the facility to the users to forward messages to multiple users and groups at once. For this you have to select the message, then tap on the Forward button and after that select the user and group to which the message has to be sent.


3. How to broadcast message to multiple WhatsApp users
Many times it happens that you want to send a particular message to many users at once. And the problem you face is that all those users are not part of any particular group. In such a situation, sending messages to each user one by one can be troublesome. In such a situation, through the WhatsApp broadcast feature, you can send messages to a maximum of 256 people simultaneously. However, for this to work, those users must be part of your contacts.

To use this feature on Android, tap on the three-dot icon at the top of the screen. After this choose the option of New Broadcast and select the contacts to whom you want to send the message. And now write the message and send it.


4. Call Back and Voice Mail on WhatsApp
If you call someone on WhatsApp and the user does not pick up the phone, you can call that person again from the calling screen. When your call is not answered, WhatsApp shows you three options – Cancel, Call Back and Record Voice Message. In this way you can call that person back directly from the screen. Or you can send a voice message which the company has named voice mail. The voice message will then appear in that person’s chat window, just below the missed call icon.


5. GIF search in WhatsApp
By now most of the WhatsApp users are familiar with GIF. But do you know that you can send GIF to any of your friends from the default keyboard. The GIF search feature lets you search for GIFs from Giphy’s extensive library and send them to your friends. To select a GIF on Android, open the Emoji keyboard, then tap the GIF button. You will see a search icon at the bottom left side of the screen. Tap on it and search for the GIF of your choice by typing the right keyword.

6. Siri can become the voice of your WhatsApp messages
After the new update of WhatsApp on iPhone, Siri has got the ability to read messages. This feature can prove to be very useful while driving. Suppose you get a message. After this say, “Hey Siri, read my last WhatsApp message,” and after this the digital assistant will read out your message. However, digital assistant Siri can read your message only once. You can’t ask for it to be repeated.

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