Translate with Google Translate app, convert English to Hindi

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You must have heard about Google Translate and Transliteration before. We also gave you many suggestions to write or translate from English to Hindi. Now we will tell you about a unique feature of Google Translate app.

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Have you ever wondered how to translate any hard text automatically? Suppose something is written in English on a picture and you want to translate it. To do this work easily, there is a feature in Google Translate app.

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First of all, download Google Translate app on your phone. After this you select the input language and output language. After selecting the language, you have four options to give input. If you want, you can type the English word and translate it. Apart from this, the option of handwriting recognition translation, voice translation and image translation (translate the text written on the picture) will be available.

google translate settings screenshot

Google Translate

Image translation feature is a very interesting feature. As soon as you turn it on, your phone’s camera will start working like a magical translator. After tapping on the camera, first you will have to download the instant camera language. As soon as it is downloaded, Google Translate app will easily translate the hard text into the language of your choice with the help of your camera.

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Through this feature, you can translate the text written on live photos from the camera. You can also translate the photos present on the handset.

You can also use this feature in offline mode. To use it in offline mode, you will have to go to Settings and download Offline Language. You will be able to use this feature only after downloading.

This feature of Google Translate can be used in such places where you do not know anything about the language being used. And can’t even type it in the app. This feature will automatically translate the text.

google translate translation screenshot

translate words

Handwriting recognition translation is also very easy. You write any word in English with your fingers in the box designated on the phone screen. The app will give the option of the correct word after identifying it. You choose your desired word from this. Whose translation this app will show in Hindi box.

To use voice translation, tap the mic icon, then say the word. Google will recognize the word you speak and translate it.


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