Top 10 features of iOS 10

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Apple made announcements about several new software at its developer conference WWDC 2016. They were pleasantly surprising. The company has introduced versions of its four main platforms iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS with some changes in the design and functionality. Details about these changes will be known only in the coming days. Let us tell you about the top 10 features of iOS 10.

1) iMessage as a platform
iMessage isn’t the first messaging app to integrate stickers and reactions, but the new feature makes it more fun to use. Users can now send heartbeat and haptic signals. Emoji are bigger than before and easier to use. Now you will also be able to send money through apps with the help of third-party transaction services.

URLs are better styled than before, with inline previews. You’ll be able to embed Apple Music links and videos. The user receiving the message will be able to play it inside the messages app itself. Text bubbles can be used to convey the tone of a message and its content. There are now instant reactions and full-screen animations.

Although there was news of Apple making iMessage available for other platforms, but it did not happen.


2) Siri
Siri has also been made available to developers. This means that in the coming time you will also be able to command third-party apps through Siri. You will be able to send WhatsApp messages, book Uber rides and make Skype calls through voice commands. Siri’s intelligence will now make keyboard text prediction stronger, meaning the experience will be better in multiple languages.

3) Photos
The new Photos app will now be able to identify and classify people and objects in photos. Photos and videos can be categorized into Moments based on activity and location. You can also create highlight reels with the audio track. For users concerned about privacy, Apple said that all these processes will happen on the phone. This will not be collected as a user profile.


4) Apple Music
The Apple Music app has been completely redesigned. The new navigation and features are designed to make it easier for you to find music. New music files stored on the phone are easier to store. Now the lyrics will be present on the playing screen.

5) Apple Maps
There was a time when Apple Maps was made fun of. But gradually this app improved a lot. Many major changes have been made in the app. It will give suggestions keeping your habits in mind. This will tell you about the places of work located on your route. Maps has also been opened up to third-party apps. Now you’ll be able to book a cab and even check in on social networks, all without having to leave the app.

6) HomeKit
HomeKit always worked in the background. But now the user has been given an app using which he will be able to control HomeKit supported devices. A lot can be done with a single tap through the profile, such as setting the lights, bedsheets and air conditioner.

7) phone calls
No matter how many functions it performs, the iPhone is still a phone. Apple gave a glimpse of the transcribed voicemail at its developer conference. This is a very interesting feature. Visual voicemail is one of the features that the company called revolutionary. iOS will now treat VoIP calls from third-party apps like normal cellular calls. This means that WhatsApp and Skype will become more useful.


8) Continuum
Apple has further improved its Continuum feature, which allows users to move between iOS devices and Macs. You can now use your iPhone (or Apple Watch) to verify your identity to approve Apple Pay payments in the Safari browser on desktop. There is also a clipboard that you can use to copy and paste any content on different platforms.

9) 3D Touch
The next generation iPhones will also use the 3D feature like the 6S and 6S Plus models. Starting from the lock screen, users will be able to send responses from the notification window itself without opening the app.

10) Apple News
Apple News, the newest of Apple’s pre-installed apps, has been given a completely new look. Now it has become easier to search the sections and read the content of your choice. The company’s main focus is on typography and you can get breaking news alerts as notifications.


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